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Billy - Celly Campello - Brôto Certinho

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Guido Miyoshi and Yoko Abe were two Brazilian youths from Japanese extraction who recorded rock'n'roll at its inception in Brazil circa At the turn of the century - circa there was a concerted effort of the Japanese government to promote migration of an ever increasing Japanese population to all parts of the world but especially to South America.

Brazil and Peru were the preferred destinations. Japanese nationals started arriving in Brazil in They came in droves soon numbering hundreds of thousands.

Japanese families settled mainly in the states of Sao Paulo and Parana, but there were a few thousands going to Para, Richie Havens - Lady Madonna de Janeiro and other states. Due to the language barrier adults hardly ever mixed with Brazilians but their children started mingling and assimilating the local culture and bywe had some children of Japanese parents who could not only sing samba but rock'n'roll.

Yoko Abepioneer Brazilian Nissei rock'n'roller. Yoko Abe in more traditional clothes. Yoko Abe 's solos:. Yoko Abe the Nissei rock'n'roll doll. Here is an ad taken from daily 'O Estado de S. Paulo' where both singers perform at different places. A poster used in Japan to attract immigrants to Brazil. It reads: 'Let's go to South America Brazil with the family. The poster is pre, because the state of Acre, bought by Brazil from Bolivia in 17 Novemberwas not part of the Brazilian map.

Takashi Ikeda sings rock'n'rolll in Rio de Janeiro - July Even though Japanese national Takashi Ikeda is obviously not part of what we call Nissei Rock, it is worth mentioning his sourjourn to Brazil during Billy - Celly Campello - Brôto Certinho He Billy - Celly Campello - Brôto Certinho some time singing nightly at a Rio de Janeiro night club called Little Club.

Judging by this article, Ikeda was very popular among this Brazilian crowd and created a good following among Copacabana kids. According to the article he sang ' Tutti Frutti ', ' Hound dog ', ' Mean woman blues ' and other rock classics. Both songs had a fairly good air-play but only 'China Rock' became a classic. Celly Campello at her TV show having The Avalons in the back wearing striped shirts and being cool while Celly sings accompanied by another band.

The eyes of Texas are upon you 2. Because I love you 2. Tell me, darling. They were watched by Solano Ribeiro who was mesmerized by their performance and suggested The Avalons would add a vocal section comprising of Solano himself plus Passarinho Nilton and Robert Wong.

Next step was to record 3 singles for Young Records as a sextet. Paulinho aprendia bateria. Esse foi o auge da banda. Antes o mundo era certinho. Mudou tudo, os costumes, as meninas, tudo ficou menos certinho. O grupo tornou-se um trio apenas instrumental. Think Im Falling (John Morales M+M Chill Out Instrumental) - Montana & Stewart Feat. Stephanie Cook resolvi me juntar a eles.

Foi uma carreira fulminante. Eu era um pouco mais velho. Nota: pelo prefixo do telefone, sabe-se que Solano morava na rua Cristiano Viana no bairro de Pinheiros. He was the man who organized all those song festivals that virtually stopped the country in their final nights. Brazil has always been an idiosyncratic market where everything that could happen sometimes does happen.

As early asthe Brazilian Government started a campaign to prevent the teaching of foreign languages in schools around the country but afterwhen Brazil entered the War on the side of the Americans, the German language was banned outright from being taught.

Not even private schools were allowed to teach German, Japanese or Italian. Printed material in any of those languages were aprehended and people caught with them were automatically encarcerated. Don't ask me why or how this particular song received so much air-play. We Play House (Angel Anx & DJ Aleksij Mix) - DJ Losev - In The Mix Kaempfert albums like ' Dancing in Wonderland ' were fairly popular in the early s, with ' Afrikaan Beat ' going up to Number One in Then, in latemaybe due to Italian sensation Rita Pavone who took Brazilian charts by storm, Continental Discos decided to release ' Mama ich sag dir was ', a rocking tune with Manuela Before the year ended, Continental released a Manuela's album containing a German language version of ' Ave Maria no Morro ', a Brazilian evergreen These were the 10 best selling singles in Februaryaccording to Revista do Radio, a magazine published in Rio de Janeiro.

Manuela as she was portrayed in the Brazilian press. Manuela's album had a fairly good air-play. Due to Manuela's single good reception, Continental Discos soon released ' Manuela!

The 14 titles were listed in Portuguese with the original German titles between brackets, a practice used a lot in Argentina but not in Brazil. Manuela's Brazilian album has the same 14 tracks as the German original with a different sleeve.

Eu ainda vou p'ra escola Ich geh' noch zur Schule. Manuela's rendition of Billy - Celly Campello - Brôto Certinho old Brazilian standard, originally recorded by Trio de Ouro at Odeon studios in Rio de Janeiro in 5 June released in August '42was really heart-felt and sincere.

The German lyrics are a fantasy about a beggar-singer who plays Billy - Celly Campello - Brôto Certinho guitar on the streets of Rio de Janeiro and is granted a favour by Holy Mary in the shape of a gold coin that falls on his empty tin - something completely made out by the German 'translator'. Manuela sings it with all her Girdvainis Važiuoja Jurgai Pirštis - Various - Legendinės Miuziklų Dainos I could easily say that Manuela's rendition of 'Ave Maria no morro' is amongst the best ever, if not the best.

Listening to Manuela's records made me interested in the German Billy - Celly Campello - Brôto Certinho . Πικρά Φιλιά - Σταμάτης Κόκοτας - Σταμάτης Κόκοτας it weren't for Manuela's album I wouldn't know anything about it. I don't know much German, but I know enough of it to understand the topics of songs and even some film dialogues.

Stimmung un gute Laune waren garantiert. I got this text from YouTube. Death Note. Manuela's singles released in Brazil by Continental Discos. Italian as well as Anglo-American pop stars were on the wane.

Maybe if Continental had released 'In meinem Kalender' instead, which is a much more catchy tune Manuela would have had a follow-up for 'Mama', but 'Kusse unterm Regenbogen' was totally unoticed. It is an even rarer single. Brazilians had byturned their attention to the local rock aka Jovem Guarda. Do not get fooled by the titles in Portuguese: both songs are sung in English. Manuela wasn't fluent enough in English to warrant a whole show of her own in Las Vegas. Her rendition of ' Kansas City ' is pitiful and her dialogue with the night-club audience is pathetic.

Well, maybe gamblers don't pay much Billy - Celly Campello - Brôto Certinho to musical shows anyway, so Manuela kept going with Waldo de los Rio's reading of Beethoven's ' Song of Joy ', a Beatles and Bacharach medley, Gilbert Becaud's ' Let it be Billy - Celly Campello - Brôto Certinho ' and ' What now, my love?

Imagine singing ' Blowin' in the wind ' for a Vegas audience Gesprochen: Es ist Abend und ich Beastie Revolution - Beastie Boys - We Salute You heute ganz allein zu Haus'. Vor mir liegt mein kleines rotes Tagebuch, ich schlage die ersten Seiten auf und die Seiten fangen aufeinmal zu sprechen an.

Alle von Euch, die mal so ein Tagebuch hatten, werden mich verstehen, wenn ich ein wenig traurig bin. It was a marvelous show. As good things never last The injunction was carried out and the show was taken off the air.

Casa Forte - Jackson Conti - Sujinho we, poor listeners were orphan for ever. Manuela's E. All tracks are sung in German even though the titles are in Portuguese. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.


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  1. Página inicial > Jovem Guarda > C > Celly Campello > Billy. Play Compartilhar; Editar. Billy Celly Campello Jovem Guarda: Brôto Certinho. Quando eu andar Eu quero andar com Billy Pois Billy sabe me agradar. Quando eu falar Quero falar com Billy Que frases lindas vou escutar. Celly Campello, Roberto Carlos, Raul Seixas, Erasmo Carlos e.
  2. LP 12" Anos 60 - Celly Campello Gravadora: Odeon Código de referência: SC Brôto Legal (I'm In Love) Billy (I Always Dream Of Bill) Brôto Certinho (One Woman Man) R$ LP 12" Anos 60 - Celly Campello Imagem Ilustrativa LP 12" Anos 60 - Celly Campello.
  3. Celly Campello, with Italian origin, stage name of Célia Benelli Campello (São Paulo, June 18, - Campinas, March 4, ), was a Brazilian singer and .
  4. Celly Campello não possui perfil no Sua Música, mas você pode curtir os melhores vídeos. Jovem Guarda: Brôto Certinho. To Know Him is to Love Him. Broto Certinho. Billy. Ver todas as músicas. Querida Mamãe. Over the Rainbow. Frankie. Banho de Lua - Celly Campello.
  5. CELLY CAMPELLO - BRÔTO CERTINHO () Postado por Canguleiro às Enviar por e-mail BlogThis! Compartilhar no Twitter Compartilhar no Facebook Compartilhar com o Pinterest. Marcadores: CELLY CAMPELLO, Nenhum comentário: Postar um comentário. BILLY VAUGHN (4) BLUE GANG (1) BOB NELSON (1) BOBBY SOLO (1) BOCA LIVRE (1).
  6. Celly Campello Querido Cupido A1: Querido Cupido A2: Brôto Já Sabe Chorar B1: Lacinhos Cor De Rosa B2: Fale-Me Com Carinho: Parlophone Portugal: LMEP EP: 0: Celly Campello Estúpido Cupido Celly Campello Brôto Certinho A1: Billy .

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