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Message From The Year 2000 - Complex (19) - Complex

Oct 2, 2012 flac by Mezishakar

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Are human time travellers from the year making complex pictures in English fields? A well-documented series of UFO contacts, near the Woodbridge and Bentwaters RAF bases in southeast England during December ofhas received much attention both from mainstream sources see www.

Ostensibly, contact was made on the ground between a landed UFO and several dozen servicemen Message From The Year 2000 - Complex (19) - Complex the US military, who were guarding nuclear weapons at a nearby RAF base, as well as with several British policemen.

The British public in were not told that US nuclear weapons were being stored in their country, despite strong opposition from the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament see www.

These weapons were intended to be used as a threat against Russia, if it invaded Poland to stop the new Solidarity union movement. Sketches of the landed UFO. Other sketches were made by US serviceman Larry Warren see www.

The commander of the base at that time was Colonel Charles Halt, who investigated and made an audio cassette tape of the incident see www. Our best images of the sketched UFO and symbols on its side are shown below:. One might ask why no direct photographic evidence is available? If there is direct photographic evidence, then it has not been made publicly available. A long binary code was supposedly transmitted by electronic telepathy from the landed UFO to Jim Penniston.

One of the most interesting aspects of this UFO contact was the putative reception of a long message in binary code by Jim Penniston, when he touched certain symbols on the side of the landed craft. After returning home, he felt a need to write them all down on paper, and did so on 16 pages of a small notebook see www. Little or no significance was attached to this long series of zeros and ones untilwhen a meeting was held to mark the 30 th anniversary of the Woodbridge UFO case. Indeed, computer codes did not enter the awareness of a typical person on Earth until after the year Most people still do not know about them today, although they appear regularly in crop pictures!

Yet given the potential significance of this code for science, I thought it would be important to translate the Message From The Year 2000 - Complex (19) - Complex binary code again from first principles, in order to check every detail.

Sixteen annotated pages of this binary code are shown in Appendix 1 below, for computer experts to study. Its Message From The Year 2000 - Complex (19) - Complex translation in an independent sense is summarized in the slide below:.

The message The Mothers Love - Miklós Rózsa - Ben Hur with a series of general phrases:. Near the end of the message it says:. Although two small parts of the message remain unclear, these three numbers seem to have been transmitted accurately, and can be relied upon to tell us where or when the UFO occupants come from.

In other words, the Woodbridge UFO occupants seem to be time travellers from our distant future on Earth. They come from the year possibly ADand from a latitude-longitude somewhere in southern England. No decimal points were encoded anywhere. Perhaps a few time travellers have been sent back in time to see the past for themselves, while everyone else on Earth years from now will be watching their results? Questions about origin: where do La Tregenda (From Le Villi) - Giacomo Puccini - The Best Of Puccini come from on Earth in the distant future?

It would be impossible for both latitude and longitude coordinates from the binary code to match the town centre of Woodbridge to six digits past the decimal point, if this were not the case.

This seems unlikely, because then the two sets of numbers given for latitude and longitude would not both show seven digits past the decimal Message From The Year 2000 - Complex (19) - Complex in a self-consistent fashion. The accepted latitude value is 52 N. Still it is strange that Woodbridge, England the town closest to that UFO contact should show a longitude on our Earth today of 1 Eastrather than 1 Westas was provided twice in the binary code.

If this is not the case, then those time travellers may come from a location in southern England at longitude 1 W just outside of Banbury. Again their origin would lie in southern England, close to where most crop pictures appear near Avebury or Silbury Hill latitude 51 N, longitude 2 W.

For example a spiral crop picture from Yatesbury on Message From The Year 2000 - Complex (19) - Complex 30, seems to encode for the latitude Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ferenc Fricsay, Vienna Symphony Orchestra* - Mozart Symphonies: No.

29 In A longitude of Marlborough not far away as 51 N and 1 W:. Within the After Tuesday - After Tuesday spaces of that crop picture we can see a number of 1which is precisely the ORIGIN longitude for Woodbridge in southeast England. Next we can see that some of the symbols, which Jim Penniston noted along the outside of that landed UFO inmatch other symbols which appear in crop circles today, for example near Barbury Castle in May of Both of those are thought by physicists today to form a fundamental basis for time travel.

Finally, a whole host of crop pictures perhaps twenty to thirty have suggested a precise foreknowledge of future events, on the Message From The Year 2000 - Complex (19) - Complex of our crop artist friends. Some of them illustrate unexpected astronomical or geological events such as cometary outbursts or paths, stellar novae, solar flares, or periods of major earthquake activity:. Most of these future-predictive crop pictures are written using subtle mathematical codes, which ordinary members of the public cannot understand.

Only advanced scientists could write so many different complex codes. Last year for example, many crop pictures predicted the path of comet Ison around our Sun, while others anticipated two stellar outbursts as Nova Delphinis on August 14 or Nova Centaurus on December 1. Some crop pictures which predicted the outburst of comet 17P Holmes in appeared during the summer oftwo years Autumn Leaves - The Paris Theatre Orchestra - Honeymoon In Paris it happened.

Other future-predictive crop pictures predict important events in human history. This dire prediction presumably refers to our not-too-far-off future, say to There are many prior references to all of the work cited above, but I do not wish to trouble the webmaster with dozens of different links to insert!

Please check these various topics on Crop Circle Connector Research or News using a Google search, or in its Archives for membersand you will learn a lot. Even if you are a professional scientist, and think you know everything already by reading textbooks, you will learn a lot. No, and those people lived just years before us! The crop artists some of them seem to live years in our future.

Message From The Year 2000 - Complex (19) - Complex course they know more than us. Those time travellers visited six different, historically-important places on Earth, before Harold Wonders Why? - Sweet* - MP3 Collection visited Woodbridge, England in We will now show below where all of those supposed past time-travel visits seem to have occurred.

Caracol Pyramid in Belize a Mayan construction :. The Giza pyramid complex in Egypt:. Nazca lines in Peru:. Tai Shan mountain in China:. Portara on Naxos Island near Greece:. Do time travellers from our distant future really exist? Very possibly, unless the entire Woodbridge UFO contact witnessed by 30 US servicemen and this long binary code are both elaborate hoaxes. This huge body of witness testimonies and physical evidence seems too much to be a hoax.

The Cambridge offices of Professor Stephen Hawking do not seem to be on their list. How shocking! The university offices of Professor Stephen Hawking, who does not believe in time travel, did not even rate a mention. Human time travellers have been a favourite theme in many works of science fiction, starting with H.

Wells in the 19 th century. In the plot of that TV show, a human society living six hundred years from now sends twelve representatives back in time, in order to observe important events from our era. He therefore contacts an open-minded scientist from our era Walter to ask for his help. Walter is distrustful, because he imagines that September will take his son away again, in order to restore the original timeline.

Tell me how I can save my son from dying? Various possible futures are happening simultaneously. I know them all, but cannot tell you which one will come to pass. Every action causes ripples, with consequences both obvious and unforeseen.

We do not know the science of time and history yet in AD, but can be pretty sure that other humans from our distant future on Earth may know this difficult and arcane science. Whether they choose just to observeor alternatively to change our present their pastis an open and interesting question.

Simply for navigation among various possible pasts or parallel universes? Or to change how humans of our era think and behave? An increased awareness of their scientific program among many members of our human race could cause a change in time and history. Yet there is a powerful movement to deny its existence from government authorities. There is also an irrational contempt of the crop circle phenomenon from leading physicists, who should know better.

Where will all of this strange activity lead next? Red Collie Dr. Horace R. I would like to thank Linda Howe and Bill Chalker for their help. Also I would like to thank the time-traveller Sarana Sirona who acted kindly toward my family in If she is reading this, I hope that we will meet in the future your past, ha, ha.

Appendix 1. These sixteen slides show pages 1 to 16 of the Woodbridge UFO binary code, which was reportedly received through electronic telepathy by Jim Penniston inwhen he touched certain symbols on the landed craft. He then wrote the code down in a small notebook immediately afterward, without realizing its significance.

The first five pages of this code were made available to Linda Howe and myself inby direct photographic transfer. Copies of those eleven pages were scanned from a printed copy La Colombe De LArche - Yves Montand - 7 LMHwhich is why they appear less visually distinct than the first five pages.

Yet given its potential significance for science, we thought that it would be important for an independent expert i. HRD to translate the entire code again from first principles, and then present an annotated copy Message From The Year 2000 - Complex (19) - Complex the entire world for further inspection and study. In all other places, its translated message seems clear, despite occasional errors in coding, which might be expected given the unusual means by which it was received.

It resembles also a slightly-mutated DNA coding region from Genbank, which can still be read accurately despite occasional errors. Appendix 2. Two unclear parts of the Woodbridge UFO binary code have now been solved to a reasonable degree of certainty. These two parts are marked in red below:.


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  4. ORIGIN YEAR These same “latitude, longitude, year” values were also given near the start of the message. Although two small parts of the message remain unclear, these three numbers seem to have been transmitted accurately, and can be relied upon to tell .
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