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Signature Tune: On The Prom, Prom, Promenade - Horace Finch - At The Organ Of The Empress Ballroom,

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Label: BBC Records - REC 129M • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation, Mono • Country: UK • Genre: Jazz, Pop • Style: Easy Listening, Music Hall
Download Signature Tune: On The Prom, Prom, Promenade - Horace Finch - At The Organ Of The Empress Ballroom,

Home Final recollections of a diplomatist; Final recollections of a diplomatist. On the way to Greece, Recommend Documents. Final recollections of a diplomatist; The metadata below describe the original scanning. See al. Further recollections of a diplomatist Book digitized by Google from the library of New York Public Library and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb. The adventures of a roving diplomatist Recollections of a housekeeper. Recollections of a southern matron Book digitized by Google from the library of the University of Michigan and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.

Recollections of a civil engineer. The recollections of a bishop. Recollections of a busy life. The adventures of a roving diplomatist Auf Kreta Im Sturm Und Im Regen - Eiserner Wille - Triumph Des Willens resource. Demy 8vo, 25s. Demy 8vo, 15s.

August Like the great mass who are daily disgorged Charing Cross stations, I had never before approached London by what is its truly Imperial avenue, Promenade - Horace Finch - At The Organ Of The Empress Ballroom, favoured as we were by a beautiful at the Victoria or — up the Thames assuredly at all times a most striking and indeed unique exinterested me far more even than perience in travel I had expected.

Somehow the impression it made upon me recalled to my mind a story which had been told me many years He was leaving the Embassy at before by Julian Fane. Petersburg, in the old days when railway communication with the Russian capital was still incomplete, on board a steamer bound for some German port.

These, he ended by saying, conveyed in his opinion such valuable lessons that it seemed to him as if the education of an Englishman who had never been in the United States might almost be considered incomplete, and for his own part, felt quite ashamed of not having yet visited that wonderful country. In short, he very freely buttered the American toast his new acquaintance impassively listening to this flow of he, ; buncombe, and, when had come to an end, your duty to do so. The tide it dryly observing, " Well, that helps to bear the at last sir, it is countless, deeply - freighted up the broad stream, to mile upon mile of wharves and quays and docks, is a tide of Empire vessels in very truth, and, if an outburst of Jingoism be excusable at any time or anywhere, it would be so to my mind on the deck of a steamer passing up this unparalleled thoroughfare of sea-borne traffic.

Unforeseen circumstances, however, much curtailed my stay there, and reduced it to little over six weeks. It so happened that in the domain of foreign affairs our vexatious Custom reach our distant House home Проклятый дух - Holy Dragons - Сумерки богов / Götterdämmerung, in suddenly assumed a threatening aspect.

The more than customary activity manifested by Russia in Central Asiatic regions brought about between the two Governments a marked tension which, soon after, culminated Promenade - Horace Finch - At The Organ Of The Empress Ballroom the Pandjeh incident, and brought us to the very verge of war.

Shortly before Prom Sweden I had been able to furnish to Lord Granville information of some value on this question which came from a perfectly unimpeachable and dispassionate source, revealed the sentiments expressed, in private conversations on On The Run - Pink Floyd - The Method Of Absence - The 1975 US Tour affairs, by the head of the Imperial Foreign Office at St.

Petersburg, M. Without attempting to go at further length into the inner diplomatic history of Could This Be Magic - Various - Teenage Heaven critical period, it I think, worth pointing out, that this untoward recrudescence of Russian energies in the middle East curiously coincided with a recent marked rapprochement between Berlin and St.

Petersburg, following is, upon something like ten years' coolness — not to say This coolness originated in the part estrangement. Shortly before, too, in SeptemberPrince Bismarck, as has since been revealed to us, had prevailed upon the Russian and German Sovereigns at the nievice, meeting to ungsvertrag, of enter the into secret three the Emperors so-called treaty at Skier- Ruchversicher- guaranteeing to each ; RUSSO-GERMAN RELATIONS 5 of the two contracting Empires the benevolent neu- event of its being attacked an arrangement the more remarkable from its being in some sense directed against the friendly Power with whom Germany had, only a few years before, come to the intimate understanding, for their mutual protection against aggression, which was later on perfected in the 1 Triple Alliance.

The Skiernievice compact answered its purpose for a time, but was allowed to lapse by Count Caprivi after the fall of its author, the great trality of the other in the Chancellor.

Through these greatly improved relations with her formidable Western neighbour at that time in the full zenith of world power and influence Russia had — much Prom Indeed it might, I think, be pretty safely laid down as an axiom that He Dont Ever Lose His Groove - Sylvia* - Sylvia of the two great Northern Empires can well engage in any active Supermale - Various - Lords Of Chaos - The History Of Occult Music of policy, without having previously, in some Prom, made certain of what has been well described as a circumspectly benevolent attitude on the part of the other.

In this respect, if I do not entirely misread it, the history of the relations between those Powers from the far-distant days of the Crimean war down to the Austro-German war ofand to my own recollections of the repudiation of the Black Sea clauses of the Treaty of Paris shows recurrent symptoms of a tacit understanding by no means excluding mutual watchfulness between the bordering Monarchies, based on a readiness to concede something to each Prom ambitions a charge de revdiirlte.

Similar symptoms might possibly be disof course acquired a freer hand. But I must turn from this digression to the affairs with which I was now to be directly concerned. The threatening outlook in Central Asia reacted on the situation in the nearer Levant in the same way as it is Far East can to be feared that the actual conflict in the also scarcely fail to do.

Although the great settlement of Berlin inbarely seven years before, had, it was fondly hoped, set at rest for some time to come the rival aspirations and conflicting claims of restless Balkanic nationalities, the recoil from afar was already making itself felt and producing disquietude in the nearer Eastern regions.

The first overt signs of impending trouble in the Balkanic Peninsula were the disputes that arose between the Governments of Servia and of the newly - created Bulgarian Principality on certain boundary questions, and about the asylum given in Bulgaria to Servian political refugees.

These which covered the last six months ofleft behind them deep traces of ill-will that discussions, open war in the following Signature Tune: On The Prom in the Near Signature Tune: On The Prom was finally led political to year. The in fact suf- charged to justify our Foreign Office in the wish to see its representatives in that perturbed corner ficiently of Europe present at their posts.

Some local incidents needless to enter into here, further contributed to render it desirable that I should at Athens, repair to which my new it is destination without too Lord Granville none the much delay.

I thus went through a few weeks of the earlier London season, during which I renewed my intimacy of days long past with a valued Vienna colleague, Christian de Falbe, who had now been for some years Danish Minister in London, and, through his marriage with the very wealthy widow of Mr.

Gerard Leigh, had acquired in society a position quite unique to before I could once for a Foreign representative in this country. So kind a friend did M. Seldom within my Promenade - Horace Finch - At The Organ Of The Empress Ballroom have great riches ministered with so much intelligence to the more refined luxuries of life, and this without taste vestige of ostentation. But the era South African millionaire had not yet then fully burst upon the London world, bringing with it examples of a faux luxe and a proneness to excessive display which have since become such questionable the slightest of the features of much of the entertaining at the present day.

Beautiful, I remember, was the musical part of the service on Easter Sunday in the to — private chapel, — Mme. Luton Hoo, with historic memories of Lord Bute and its massive Georgian grandeur, has now, it is sad to think, passed into entirely new hands. Its last owner, Mr. Gerard Leigh, succeeded to it on the death of his stepmother, Mme. Among my social recollections of London at this time are the dinners and musical evenings at the Duff Gordons', very old friends of my wife.

The two kindly spinster fair — aunts of the MayMaurice Duff Gordon ladies in Hertford late Sir Street, were most hospitable, and entertained in a old-world fashion, having after dinner the very best of amateur music and an assemblage of artistic and agreeThese parties, which dated back to the able people.

Well worthy of mention, too, are the perfectlyappointed dinners and interesting concerts given by the Blumenthals in their picturesque and artistic house at Hyde Park Gate, which to this day continues to be one of the pleasantest points de reunion London, paradoxically remarkable though be for the poor acoustics it affords to so much charming music. The popularity of Monin sieur and Madame, it grows and their Tuesday invitations seem to be more and more sought after.

The Blumenthal parties rank with the equally beneficent and attractive Sunday musical afternoons of my old greater year by ally as they like to be called, year, Mrs. The date fixed for our departure for Greece now came pressingly near. Shortly before Easter on the 24th March I had kissed hands at Windsor on my new appointment, and on Easter Monday April the 5th my wife and I had a take-leave audience of the Prince and Princess of Wales, at which the two young Princes, whom I had not seen since their visit to Buenos Ayres, were both present.

The private matters I had had we look to after London on the 15th of April; our departure being marked by a being finally Prom of, left of mishaps, which, however trivial in themhave since seemed to me, when looking back upon them in Amix - Dethroned Signature Tune: On The Prom of subsequent events, as series selves, absurdly had We prophetic the of difficulties I afterwards cope with in my new diplomatic sphere.

To complete our contretemps a butler, whom we had engaged only a few days before with the best of characters, showed such signs of intoxication on our arrival at the "Lord Warden," where we dined and awaited the night-boat, that he had to be discharged and sent back Altogether as my wife to Promenade - Horace Finch - At The Organ Of The Empress Ballroom there and then.

This, by the way, was one of the last opportunities I had, Our forced stay in Signature Tune: On The Prom 1 after a long interval, of foregathering with the eldest my Polignac cousins, Ludovic, who died other day January 13, at Algiers, surviving of only the where he had made his principal home for many A retired colonel of the Etat Major, and an officer of conspicuous merit and great scientific attainments, he had fought, like his younger brother Camille, all through the Franco-German war, during which he served on the staff of General de Ladmirault.

On the renewal of diplomatic relations after the peace he was sent as Military Attache" to the Embassy of M. We pursued our journey Eastwards on the 28th, with a day's break at Turin, where we put up at the Hotel de l'Europe formerly Trombetta on the Piazza Castello, the very same caravansary where I had landed Promenade - Horace Finch - At The Organ Of The Empress Ballroom but a raw, new-fledged Attache — in November 1 2 Now Theover thirty-five years before.

Lord and Lady Newton. I found Signature Tune: On The Prom discrowned Piedmontese capital immensely changed since the days of my youth. It had quite lost its former distinct type of a medium-sized Court residence, with a dignified historical past that was well expressed by its formal, somewhat somnolent aspect.

Its ancient stateliness and repose were now merged in the bustle and activity of a greatly enlarged commercial and industrial centre. The town had spread in all directions, and even in the older districts so much of it had been pulled down and rebuilt, that I had much difficulty in retracing some of my best-remembered haunts, and went about with the feeling of being an utter stranger, or as it were a ghost of the past, in a city every stone of which had formerly been so familiar to me.

In my eyes certainly all charm Livid - Corduroy - Dead End Memory Lane character had departed from the place I had known and loved so well in the glamour of my first burst into the pomps and vanities of diplomatic life. We went on to Brindisi by the crowded, sluggish, ill-appointed night-mail of thosehaving to turn out and change at Bologna at three in the morning.

Query Why is it that travelling by rail through the glorious land of an eminently kindly, intelligent people is often made so singularly unpleasant by worn-out or insufficient rolling-stock and bad management, and by the too frequent want of civility of the Italian Prom staff not to touch upon other far graver drawbacks? Anyhow the journey to Brindisi seemed to us endless and most wearisome even though for the greater part of the day we skirted the lovely Adriatic Promenade - Horace Finch - At The Organ Of The Empress Ballroom best : — — CORFU 13 was not until long after midnight that we were on board the small Greek steamer bound for Corfu.

I had intended going on thence direct to the Piraeus by the next boat, but, hearing that the King was expected almost immediately, I determined to await his Majesty's return to Corfu, and took up my quarters at the Hotel St. George now thoroughly renovated and improved since I first knew it in when we gave up our protectorate over the Islands in favour of Greece.

His Majesty's customary Eastertide stay in his Ionian dominions had been interrupted by the Ministerial crisis following upon the elections that had proved so unfavourable to the Administration of M. Tricoupis, and which had led and it settled — to that statesman's resignation. A day or two later the King arrived, just in time for the feast of St.

George, and his Majesty drove in with the Queen from the country to attend the service at I went out on to and was gratified when the King at once recognised me and greeted me cordially with a wave of the hand. I had of course immediately applied for an audience through the de la Cour, Admiral Sahini. I therefore had Baby Wont You Please Come Home - Ray Charles - Ray Charles Часть 1-2 to renew my in waiting, application through when the word that he would King see me at the Aide-de-Camp once graciously sent the next day at luncheon Monrepos, built by Sir Frederick Adam, and formerly the summer residence of our Lord High Commissioners during the British occupation of Nothing could be kinder or more cordial than Corfu.

Hinal and Miss Boyd. The King afterwards took me to his study, where he talked with me for a long time on every kind of subject, beginning with Signature Tune: On The Prom common recollections of his first visit to when I had accompanied him as Charge and had been in daily intercourse with him 1 for several weeks, as I have narrated elsewhere.

King George had now entered on his fortieth year. The ingenuous youth of eighteen had, since I parted from him, weathered some twenty-two years of a chequered reign, during which he may well have lost a good many of the hopes and illusions that gilded its Though still in the very prime of life, he had outset.

He in part perhaps owed the remarkable insight he had acquired into men and things to disenchanting though unavoidable contact with party leaders whose keen intellects were too often bent on personal aims. Himself a thoroughly and patriotic ruler, he had sometimes been obliged by the exigencies of the hour to turn conscientious for advice to politicians of a very different type.

Coumoundouros, a statesman of great experience and capacity, and that they were now deprived, by the chances of a general election, of the services of by far the ablest and most high-minded of Greek Premiers, 1 " Recollections of a Diplomatist," vol.

To and his largeness of concep- in fact; to a generous tendency to view and attempt things on a grand scale partly arising out of a liberal English education, 1 but mostly inspired by the noble and genuine faith he nourished in the Prom tion, — tinies of the Prom people —M.

Tricoupis chiefly owed the crushing defeat he Signature Tune: On The Prom just experienced. The King was of course full of the recent crisis, with real concern. He was of opinion that M. Tricoupis had brought about his own downfall and a very rough one it was by an almost and spoke of it — — He had been danger of too largely increasing the public burdens, and thereby preparing serious financial embarrassments for the country.

Nevertheless, he had persisted in attempting to compass too much in too short a time, with the result that the nation had just unmistakably shown its thorough disapproval of his policy. It was now to be feared that the late Ministry might be impeached by the majority which had placed M. Delyannis reckless disregard of public sentiment. Impeachment was a weapon that had been used by the new Premier on former occasions, and it would be surprising if it were Meganita - Cornelius Bumpus - Known Fact in resorted to again.

Passing to other topics, King touch upon the threatening Personally he did not anticipate that Russia would push matters so far as to bring about a conflict, the issue of which might possibly be unfavourable to her. Although George did not omit to aspect of affairs in Central Asia. Tricoupis had passed much of his youth in England, where his had been Envoy for a good many years, and had afterwards been attached to the Greek Legation in London.

Three days in later the good ship we were on our way Austria, reaching the — to Athens Piraeus in an inauspicious 1 3th of May have since been reminded, for entering on duties which before long were to entail the gravest responsibilities.


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  1. Horace Cole, formerly manager of the Empire in Liverpool, is now district man* ager for Stoll. Mr. Cole is taking charge of the halls in and around Liverpool. London, has It is stated that re-Ben go into real estate. seems as though Nerigne, the Greek girl, who has tried both the legitimate and vaudeville, will have to worry a little now.
  2. On the Prom, Prom, Prom, Prom, Promenade (Signature Tune) From the CD Inlay - The organ in the Empress Ballroom came originally from the Tower Ballroom, when that was being replaced. It was enlarged to become a twin of the Tower organ and was opened by Horace Finch in April In it was moved to the BBC Playhouse Theatre in.
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  5. Luton for Easter, our first visit to that delightful place, and met there a small and pleasant party, amongst whom besides a daughter were of the house, charming Mrs. George Forbes the Swedish Minister, Count Piper, Percy Ffrench of Monivea, and the universally-popular Major Seymour Wynne Finch.
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