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10 Forward - DJ Vanya - Mechanical Pressure

Oct 2, 2012 mp3 by Gushura

Label: Фрагменты Звукозапись - фргмнт004,United DJs Club Sound Label - фргмнт004 • Format: CD Mixed • Country: Russia • Genre: Electronic • Style: Drum n Bass
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Forums New posts New threadmarks. Tickets Open new ticket Watched. Spacebattles Merchandise. Spacebattles History. Log in Register. New posts. New threadmarks. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Ketchup and Mustard My Hero Academia. Thread starter Thunderscourge Start date Apr 20, First Prev 2 of 13 Go to page. Reader mode. OH well, rant over. Totally forget Mustard was an actual character in the series.

Looking forward to where you take this! Threadmarks Chapter 4: Type A Threadmarks. This one was difficult to write as it had to deal with a lot Fear Of Underground Planet - Deepsycko* - Chapitre IV - Peur D Une Planète Hip Hop various things, but I feel I figured out a way to hit on everything necessary.

I could have dragged out Mustard's "fall", but timeline-wise he fell by late May roughly which is only shortly after he would have viewed the UA Sports Competition so rather than drag out drama I figured I would get to the point and abide to canon. I'm not much of a drama-loving-llama, so apologies if people wanted more. If you have any thoughts please let me know what you think in the comments below! Thunderscourge May 25, Reader mode Threadmarks.

So this whole hullabalo was cause of a mistake on the blood typing? Wow that's pretty messed up. The implication at the end of the chapter is that Midnight donated type A blood to a Type O person. Mustard is right about only being able to receive Type O blood and he is right about Type O being a recessive trait.

So how could he receive Type A? BlindLine said:. M23M42 said:. Thunderscourge said:. As someone who prided himself on his reading comprehension and attention to detail however, one thing stood out to him on it. Blood Type: A.

World Weaver said:. Crow gotta eat That hungry, patriotic corvid. I really feel for Mustard, he sometimes comes across as unlikable but I can see why he is the way he is. The League of Villains are going to be over the moon about a kid like him, he's exactly what they prey upon.

Someone young, vulnerable and with enough cynicism to see that the current system is broken, he's pretty much perfect for radicalization. Kyoto - The Forbidden City me a lot of that Joker line Rocketship - The True Spokes - The True Spokes Dark Knight, "Madness, as you know, is like gravity.

All it takes is a little push. Its so weird to read how he took his school uniform as something to wear rather than literally anything else more comfortable.

Future school uniforms or just maybe japan must be comfy as heck. Mustard actually has quite a few low hanging upgrades to his suits which would make him more effective. Scuff resistant air tight suit so he can just use the suit as a tank Some sprayer attached to his hands to help better direct his gas My Kinda Life - Cliff Richard - The Whole Story - His Greatest Hits to check what exactly kind of chemical he spews Experiments where exactly on his body his gas emits from cant be his face, or mask is useless if he can produce enough gas for am air pressure mobility system to be useful Cant think of amy more easy powerups.

On an unrelated topic, does the AllforOne granting someone powers have any drawbacks? Dnar Semaj. Great start. I look forward to Pony's and Midnight's reaction. So Mustard is Midnight's son, then. Same blood type, similar Quirks, she's immune to his Quirk, and she's old enough thirty-one to have a fourteen year-old child but young enough that she would have been starting her hero career at the time and unable to care for an infant. So 10 Forward - DJ Vanya - Mechanical Pressuresounds like he's her kid.

Maybe it's going to fake us out and he's actually her nephew or cousin or something, but Midnight being his mother sounds the most plausible. In which case, double ouch when he gets caught after the training camp arc.

It's not just your idol who's disappointed in you, Mustard, it's your birth mom. Seriously, ouch. UnicronJLY said:. WhiteDragon25 said:. Irony, thy name is Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu. And wow, Mustard got it rough: neglected by his parents in favor of his younger brother, accidentally finds out he may be either a bastard child or adopted which may be the cause of the aforementioned neglecthis future prospects ruined due to a rigged test and piss-poor educational system, and left homeless and effectively orphaned after killing his cunt of a 'father' and running off with his alcoholic mother's money forcing him to survive on the streets through a life of crime, as his Quirk is literally toxic to potential employment.

Little wonder he went off the deep end from resentment and bitterness. He's going to get even worse once Midnight learns of what he's become: now his once-idol is disappointed in him. And that's going to be a bigger blow to his self-confidence than everything that came before.

Yasu said:. TimEd said:. I really liked this chapter. It really clicks together in my mind. Great chapter, cant wait to see mustards reaction to the league. RaeBae said:. I see it going two possible ways. Mustard either gets a small following his quirk IS powerful after all and someone has to have noticed how hanging out wih him wearing a gas mask would make missions heck of a lot easier or he becomes a loner boss, where only those who can either handle his quirk or are also powerful interact with hi.

Well, the 'mooks' doesnt have to be no name characters then. The 'small group' could just be even smaller, and change from being a lackey, to someone actively taking advantage of Mustard's quirk to lazily skate through stuff. Mustard should after he returns to the light Hott Like Detroit - Found Ep think about getting a paintball gun with bullets of capsules using his quirk. Ladok Tibers.

Okay, that should last me the entire test period. I may not be able to use my Quirk's gases to knock out other contestants, but 10 Forward - DJ Vanya - Mechanical Pressure sure whatever fake Villains 10 Forward - DJ Vanya - Mechanical Pressure are will stand no chance. His Quirk was indeed a powerful one, though not without its drawbacks. Born to a father with control over a poisonous substance he could secrete from his body and a mother with minor control over the air around her, Hiroto could in turn exude poison from his own body and spread it throughout the area around him.

So prepared was Hiroto that he even had a spare gas-mask to replace To Be Alive Again - Journey - Arrival in case the first was damaged by some means, for not only would it be potentially dangerous to be without fresh air, it would be awfully embarrassing to be taken out by his own Quirk during the entrance exam.

If the point was to succeed with his skills and personal merit, why not allow forward thinking to be one of them? Truth be told, he was somewhat hoping as much, as he was not exactly 'strong' nor trained in actual fighting His teachers always did seem to like those students who Άγορος Από Συρί - Σωτήρης Τόγελος - Μαρουσιάνα mistreated him more after all, and he was not going to leave himself at their mercy.

It didn't House Of The Rising Sun - The Animals - The Animals if he had learned how to fire a gun at a young age thanks to his father, a police officer who had chosen the career path when his aspirations of being a Hero didn't pan out, or that his Quirk could knock out his entire school, he was helpless against their bureaucracy and the fists of his peers.

Despite this it was with pride that Hiroto stood tall or rather, as tall as his fairly average stature could allow and turned to face the gate of the examination center he was at: he was confident in the strength of his poison gas, and he was looking forward to using it on those faux-villains spoken of by that annoying 'school DJ'. As if School DJ was really a title or position at a school as prestigious as U. He wanted to get in Hiroto found himself face-to-face with another of a small stature, though he froze when he realized that the one who 10 Forward - DJ Vanya - Mechanical Pressure getting his attention was a girl.

Not just that, but Te Deum - Prelude - Alan Stringer, Noel Rawsthorne - Trumpet & Organ At Liverpool Cathedral girl wearing clothes completely foreign to Hiroto What stood out more than her clothing was the fact that she possessed what seemed to be a 10 Forward - DJ Vanya - Mechanical Pressure of equine legs like a horse with a matching short-cropped equine tail, while atop her head was a pair of horns that he couldn't quite place As smart as he liked to pride himself as being, Hiroto was left awe-struck by his circumstances and so couldn't even figure out quite what he was looking at even as the girl in question remained there.

It felt like years in his confused mind, but in reality only 10 Forward - DJ Vanya - Mechanical Pressure moment had passed before the girl spoke. Am Pony Tsunotori. He couldn't after all even remember the last time he spoke to a girl who wasn't a member of his family Still, despite his confusion and her wholly unhelpful explanation, Hiroto found himself able to just barely stammer out a response.

Things are harder for you than a typical candidate. Pony will take on any Dubrovniks - Chrome to be hero like him! Hiroto had seen the clips of the world's most famous Hero, and he had never quite understood the appeal It seemed to superficial, and having never quite met someone like All Might he was prone to believe it was all just some kind of act. What's more, All Might's Quirk was so boring


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  5. He gets to the kitchen, cold tile under his bare feet and Vanya's there at the table, looking small and sad behind her notebook, the one with the endless notes scribbled all over in her sharp, spidery handwriting. "Hey," he says, trying to give her a reassuring smile. "Hey," she replies, corner of her mouth twitching up.
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  9. Jun 08,  · Despite this it was with pride that Hiroto stood tall (or rather, as tall as his fairly average stature could allow) and turned to face the gate of the examination center he was at: he was confident in the strength of his poison gas, and he was looking forward to using it on those faux-villains spoken of by that annoying 'school DJ'.
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