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As We Ran, We Discussed The Contract - The Goons - Volume 14 Needle Nardle Noo!

Oct 2, 2012 mp3 by Kajilkis

Label: BBC - ZBBC 2115 CD • Series: BBC Radio Collection • Format: 2x, CD Remastered • Country: UK • Genre: Non-Music • Style: Comedy, Radioplay
Download As We Ran, We Discussed The Contract - The Goons - Volume 14 Needle Nardle Noo!

Now here is a variation on that. Cast: [Murmurs of approval] Sellers: The old night school's paying off there, Wal. Secombe: Yer, chat on more on it there Wal lad! Give us a bit more of the posh chat Sick Llama / Fossils - Sick Llama / Fossils. Greenslade: I continue my recital of announcements.

Milligan: Thank you Jim. Ray Ellington: Mala toola yo, yarga toola marngo, tula mar gar Oota mei chicka ofagula tolm Milligan: You see how long the days are in Africa folks. Forward Mr Seaside with your New Year's resolutions. Seagoon: Thank you. Hello folks, hello folks, it is me folks, folks, it is me! Next year folks, I hope to give up - permanently! Elder Statesman: Ungrateful beast, after all it's done for you, you discard it like an old boot, I won't hear it.

Seagoon: Let me warn you hairy sir, of the many dangers and donjers of keeping on old years after it's worn out. Mrs Greenslade's husband will now tell you why. Greenslade: It was the year and here is the orchestra to play it. Orchestra: [New years-type musical link, singing in the middle; sound fx in music; Danse Russe: Trepak - Various - The Greatest Classical Collection on a chord] Seagoon: Ohhh what a year that was The South African war had broken out and was now in its second year Bloodnok: Knock knock on a door in Africa Gad, that's the address of my door - come in!

Seagoon: Effects door opens. Bloodnok: Ahhh 'effects Ahhh'. Seagoon: May I introduce myself? Bloodnok: Of course. Seagoon announcing : Ladies and Gentlemen! The man in the blue corner is Neddie Seagoon. Seagoon normal : Thank you. Bloodnok: Oh, sit down on that chair in Africa SE FX: [Duck call] Seagoon: Thank you. I was told to hand this envelope to you with a hand Bloodnok: Oh Grams: [Bloodnok-type Ooooooooooooh!!!

Seagoon: What do they say? Bloodnok: Standddddd attttttt Grams: [Regiment standing at ease] Seagoon relieved : Oh, that feels much better sir! Bloodnok: Yes, and it suits you what's more. Now to Machinery Transplant - Mad Mongols - Revenge Of The Mongoloid matters, of milt.

Captain Jampton? Grams: [Mad dash of coconut shells horses hooves very brief, very fast. Sorry I'm late sir, I Was quelling a native with ah Bloodnok: You'll get the military piano and bar for this, ah Now explain the victorious positions of our defeated troops. Hugh Jampton: Ah Intelligence ah Has established that ah The people attacking us ar. The enemy. Bloodnok: So - that is their fiendish game is it? Seagoon: Gentlemen, do the enemy realise We Discussed The Contract - The Goons - Volume 14 Needle Nardle Noo!

you have this information? Bloodnok: No no, we got 'em fooled, they think they're the enemy! What a perfect disguise! Hugh Jampton: Ha ha ha, yes you see Lieutenant Seagoon we have a plan of a plin of a plon of a ploof. The South Africans are magnificent fighters, and it's our intention to persuade them to come over to our side.

Seagoon: Then that would finish the war sir! Hugh Jampton: Oh no. Ha ha ha. Oh dearie no! Seagoon: Then how would you keep it going? Hugh Jampton: My dear sir; England is never short of enemies! Bloodnok: Of course not the waiting room's full of 'em. Now Seagoon, sit down, tell me what's the time back in England? Seagoon: Twenty to four sir. Bloodnok: As We Ran It's nice to hear the old time again Singhiz As We Ran Yes sir?

FX: [Slapstick] Bloodnok: Get out of here now will you! You see, Seagoon, how bad things are! That banana for instance It's only been eaten once, and look at it! Seagoon: But sir, We Discussed The Contract - The Goons - Volume 14 Needle Nardle Noo! in England they told me all was well. Bloodnok: Back in England, all is well. It's here where the trouble lies. Grams: [Explosion] Bloodnok over above : Oh - what the - eh - what?

Grams: [Approach of old car back firing, grinding of gear, parping on bulb horn, car explodes, gusher of steam, falls to bits, yells. I think I'll pull-up here. Bloodnok: I say you, you with the apparent teeth. Eccles: Oh, a soldier man Hello soldier Bang Bang Bang - You're dead soldier! Seagoon: Let me talk to him. I speak Idiot fluently Eccles: Oh?

You're from the old country.! Oh hohohi [aside to audience] Somebody else from the Old Country eh? Well I wish they were back there! Bloodnok: Neddie, allow me to humour him with this mallet. Seagoon: No no no, leave it to me. Eccles: 'What are you doing in Africa' I translated.

I'm here as an adviser to the British Army! Seagoon: [As Eccles] Splendid, what are you going to advise them? Eccles: Not to take me. Bloodnok: Oh, I respect your cowardice, it warms my heart and gives old Denis a real smart idea. Come over here and warm yourself by this Recruiting-Sergeant. Sergeant cockney : 'Ello 'ello 'ello my lad, you look a likely lad. Eccles: Hello, hello, hello my laddddd. Yourn loonk linke a ohn


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  3. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about The Goons - Volume 14 "Needle Nardle Noo!" at Discogs. Complete your The Goons collection.3/5(1).
  4. that which we are, we are (made weak by time and fate) ScribeofArda. Chapter Notes: So we're nearing the end now, in a roundabout sort of way. and picks up a pen to sign. “Very good,” Waverly says, and he does sound pleased as he takes the contract back. “Now, seeing as it is nearly two in the morning, and you have been travelling.
  5. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Volume 14 "Needle Nardle Noo!" on Discogs.3/5(1).
  6. Script for The Goon Show episode entitled The Battle of Spion Kop (Series 9, Episode 9). Vol. Needle Nardle Noo! [CD from Amazon] [Download from Audible] Greenslade: Seagoon (panting): As we ran we discussed the contract for the Battle of Waterloo. Later at Preston Barracks Brighton, we auditioned for the part of the Duke of.
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