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Bebe Arrreuhhh!!! - Louis Chedid - Le Jeu De Loie De Louis

Oct 2, 2012 mp3 by Dular

Label: CBS - 81173 • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: France • Genre: Rock, Pop • Style: Acoustic, Chanson
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Bebe Barron June 16, — April 20, and Louis Barron April 23, — November 1, were two American pioneers in Michael - Masters Apprentices* - Masters Apprentices field of electronic music. They are credited with writing the first electronic music for magnetic tapeand the first entirely electronic film score for the MGM movie Forbidden Planet She studied piano at the University of Minnesota and a post-graduate degree in political science.

In Joseph Reynaerts - Pas Assez, she studied composition with Roque Cordero. They lived in Greenwich Village.

It was Louis who nicknamed her "Bebe". He was born in Minneapolis on April 23, As a young man, Louis had an affinity for working with a soldering Bebe Arrreuhhh!!! - Louis Chedid - Le Jeu De Loie De Louis and electrical gear. He studied music at the University of Chicago.

He died on 1 November in Los Angeles. The couple married in and moved to New York City. Louis' cousin, who was an executive at the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company 3Mgave the newlyweds their first tape recorder as a wedding gift. The first electronic music for magnetic tape composed in America was completed by Louis and Bebe in and was titled Heavenly Menagerie.

Electronic music composition and production were one and the same, and were slow and laborious. Tape had to be Bebe Arrreuhhh!!! - Louis Chedid - Le Jeu De Loie De Louis cut and pasted together to edit finished sounds and compositions. By following the equations presented in the book, Louis was able to build electronic circuits which he manipulated to generate sounds.

The sounds and patterns that came out of the circuits were unique and unpredictable because they were actually overloading the circuits until they burned out to create the sounds. The Barrons could never recreate the same sounds again, though they later tried very hard to recreate their signature sound from Forbidden Planet.

Because of the unforeseen life span of the circuitry, the Barrons made a habit of recording everything. Most of the production was not scripted or notated in any way. The Barrons didn't even consider the process as music composition themselves. The circuit generated sound was not treated as notesbut instead as 'actors'.

In future soundtrack composition, each circuit would be manipulated according to actions of the underlying character in the film. After recording the sounds, the couple manipulated the material by adding effects, such as reverb and tape delay. They also reversed and changed the speed of certain sounds [2]. The mixing of multiple sounds was performed with at least three tape recorders.

The outputs of two machines would be manually synchronized [3]and fed into an input of a third one, recording two separate sources simultaneously. While Louis spent most of his time building the circuits and was responsible for all of the recording, Bebe did the composing. She had to sort through many hours of tape. Over time, she developed the ability to determine which sounds could become something of interest. They may also have invented the tape loop.

They mixed the sounds to create Violent Generation - Sick Of It All - Just Look Around otherworldly and strange electronic soundscapes required by Forbidden Planet. Soon after relocation to New York, the Barrons opened a recording studio at 9 West 8th Street in Greenwich Village that catered to the avant-garde scene. At the studio, Bebe Arrreuhhh!!!

- Louis Chedid - Le Jeu De Loie De Louis Barrons used a tape recorder to record everything and everyone. These recordings were pressed on red vinyl and released on the Barrons' Contemporary Classics record label under the Sound Portraits series. For a short time, the Barrons held a monopoly on tape recording equipment. The only other competition in town were the studios owned by Raymond Scott and Eric Siday. The connection through Louis' cousin working at 3M proved to be vital in obtaining batches of early magnetic tape.

Due to the lack of competition in the field, and to the surprise of the owners, the recording business was a success. Aside from the tape recorders, most of the equipment in the studio was completely built by Louis. One of the home made pieces was a monstrous speaker which could produce very heavy bass. Electronic oscillators that produced sawtoothsineand square waves were also home built prize possessions. They had a filtera spring reverberatorand several tape recorders. A Stancil-Hoffmann reel to reel was custom built by the inventor for looping the samples, and changing their speed.

The thriving business brought in enough income to purchase some commercial equipment. The Barrons' music was noticed by the avant-garde scene. During the studio was used by John Cage for his very first tape work Williams Mix. The Barrons were hired by Cage to be the engineers. They recorded over different sounds, and arranged them with Cage's directions in various ways by splicing the tape together.

The four and a half minute piece took over a year to finish. It was Cage who first encouraged the Barrons to consider their creations "music". The Barrons quickly learned that the avant-garde scene did not reap many financial rewards. They turned to Hollywoodwhich had already been using electronic instruments such as the theremin in film soundtracks for several years. In the early 50s, the Barrons collaborated with various celebrated filmmakers to provide music and sound effects for art films and experimental cinema.

The most notable of these three films were Bells of Atlantis and Jazz of Lights The film's two versions showed the same four-minute film of New York City bridges. Showing the two versions back-to-back showed how different soundtracks affected the viewer's perception of the film. In the Barrons composed the very first electronic score for a commercial film — Forbidden Planetreleased by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

He hired them soon after, when the film was in post-production. The soundtrack for Forbidden Planet is today recognized as the first entirely electronic score for a film. Eerie and sinister, the soundtrack was unlike anything that audiences had heard before. Music historians have often noted how groundbreaking the soundtrack was in the development of electronic music.

We design and construct electronic circuits which function electronically in a manner remarkably similar to Sharing Last Hopes With Heroes - Van Hunt - Civilization way that lower life-forms function psychologically.

In scoring Forbidden Planet — as in all of our work — we created individual cybernetics circuits for particular themes and leit motifs, rather than using standard sound generators. Actually, each circuit has a characteristic activity pattern as well as a "voice". We were delighted to hear people tell us that the tonalities in Forbidden Planet remind them of what their dreams sound like. The producers of the film had originally wanted to hire Harry Partch to do the music score.

Scarred For Life - The Bone Idles* / Danger!Man - Kaos Conspiracy Barrons were brought in to do only about twenty minutes of sound effects. After the producers heard the initial sample score, the Barrons were assigned an hour and ten minutes of the rest of the film.

The studio wanted to move the couple to Hollywood where most of the film scores were produced at the time. But the couple would not budge, and took the work back to their New York studio. The music and the sound effects stunned the audience. During the preview of the movie when the sounds of the spaceship landing on Altair IV filled the theater, the audience broke out in spontaneous applause. Later, the Barrons turned over their stunning audio creation to GNP Crescendo records for distribution.

GNP had previously demonstrated its expertise in producing and marketing science fiction film soundtracks and executive album producer Neil Norman had proclaimed the film and the soundtrack his favorites.

Not everyone was happy with the score. Louis and Bebe did not belong to the Musicians' Union. The original screen credit for the film, which was supposed to read "Electronic Music by Louis and Bebe Barron", was changed at the last moment by a contract lawyer from the American Federation of Musicians. In order to not upset the union, the association Bebe Arrreuhhh!!! - Louis Chedid - Le Jeu De Loie De Louis the word music had to be removed. The Barrons were credited with "Electronic Tonalities".

Because of their non-membership in the union, the film was not considered for an Bebe Arrreuhhh!!! - Louis Chedid - Le Jeu De Loie De Louis in the soundtrack category. The full impact of the Barrons' contribution can only be realized when one understands that they did Beruds Sword - Turbo - The History 1980 - 2005 (DVD) even know what to call their creations.

It was John Cage, working with the Barrons in their studio for his earliest electronic work, who convinced them that it was "music". And seeing the handwriting on the wall, used that excuse to deny them membership in the s; the union's primary concern was losing jobs for performers rather than the medium itself.

As a result, the Barrons never scored another film for Hollywood. As the years passed, the Barrons did not continue to keep up with technology, and were perfectly content to make their music in the way they always had. However, modern digital technology is now imitating the rich sounds of those old analog circuits. Bebe's last work was Mixed Emotions infrom raw material collected at the University of California, Santa Barbara studio.

Inthe Barrons moved to Los Angeles. Although they divorced inthey continued to compose together until the death of Louis in They awarded her with a lifetime achievement award in Inshe was invited to create a new work at University of California, Santa Barbarausing the latest in sound generating technology to collect sounds there.

From October through early Novembershe did all the actual composing in Jane Brockman's Santa Monica studio with Brockman serving as recording engineer.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Forbidden Planet. United Press International. April 27, Retrieved Bebe Arrreuhhh!!!

- Louis Chedid - Le Jeu De Loie De Louis Composer Bebe Barron, whose earned notoriety for her score of the movie "Forbidden Planet," has died at the age of 82 at a Los Angeles hospital.


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  1. Louis Chedid naît le 1 er janvier [1] à Ismaïlia. Il est le fils cadet de deux enfants [2] de la poétesse Andrée Chedid et de Louis Selim Chedid, biologiste de renommée internationale, ancien directeur de recherche au CNRS et professeur honoraire de l'Institut Pasteur [3].Activité principale: Auteur-compositeur-interprète.
  2. Dans les paroles de Le petit Grégoire de Fabienne Thibeault Dans les paroles de Le renard, le loup de Paul Piché Dans les paroles de Le tango de l'ennui de Sanseverino Dans les paroles de Le temps du swing de Sylvie Vartan Dans les paroles de Le temps rétro de Michel Sardou Dans les paroles de Le verger du roi Louis de Georges Brassens.
  3. Découvrez le clip et les paroles de la chanson Hold Up de Louis Chedid, tiré de l’album Le meilleur des années CBS disponible gratuitement sur megalsaigenuadamath.infoinfo!
  4. Un ventre un peu rond et un visage fatigué jeudi soir, il n'en fallait pas plus pour que des rumeurs de grossesse concernant la compagne de Louis Chedid soient lancées. D'autant qu'une source proche du couple confirmerait que le chanteur célèbre pour ses tubes Ainsi soit-il ou encore Hold-up attendrait un heureux événement.
  5. Bebe Barron (June 16, – April 20, ) and Louis Barron (April 23, – November 1, ) were two American pioneers in the field of electronic megalsaigenuadamath.infoinfo are credited with writing the first electronic music for magnetic tape, and the first entirely electronic film score for the MGM movie Forbidden Planet ().
  6. Album de Louis Chédid sorti le , la playlist de Le Jeu de l'oie est composée de 10 chansons en écoute gratuite et illimitémegalsaigenuadamath.infoinfoed on:
  7. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Louis Chedid - Le Jeu De L'oie De Louis at Discogs. Complete your Louis Chedid collection.4/4(2).

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