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Cut Their Tongue Shut Their Prayer - Urgehal - Ikonoklast

Oct 2, 2012 mp3 by Mukree

Label: Season Of Mist Underground Activists - SUA 008LP • Format: 2x, Vinyl LP, Album • Country: France • Genre: Rock • Style: Black Metal
Download Cut Their Tongue Shut Their Prayer - Urgehal - Ikonoklast

Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. It's been a while since I've listened to anything from Urgehal, but today's sickening Easter aura made me hungry to listen to "Ikonoklast"!

Sounds like a good soundtrack for christ's death! I think we can say that it's very special album, because it was the last record, which was released when Trondr Nefas lived. Next album, "Aeons in Sodom", was finished and unleashed a year or two after his sudden death.

It's also one of the highlights in Urgehal discography, in my opinion and along "Goatcraft Torment" and "Through Thick Fog till Death" my favourite album. I think that Urgehal managed to create their own style and sound within this grim and simplistic Norwegian black metal.

Sure, they have influences from the likes of Darkthrone, Gorgoroth or Carpathian Forest, but the music sounds individual enough to be recognizable. I love these riffs, which Nefas and Enzifer came up with. They create this cold, hateful feeling so easily, like it's natural to them.

Especially all these slower songs like "Sopor Necrosanctus" and "Cut Their Tongue, Shut Their Prayer" are my favourites, with their quite catchy, vicious riffs. There's great infectious feeling in these songs, which I like a lot. Urgehal music is full of great ideas, arrangements, which put them above many similar bands.

Even that melodic guitar lead in "Cut Their Tongue Besides, the music may not be technical, but it's not primitive neither! It is tight and very good rhythmically, perfectly performed and without all these mistakes and intentional fuck ups to sound more "cult". On "Ikonoklast" everything is top notch, from the production and performance of the band members, to Trondr's killer vocals delivery.

The drummer is fantastic! This time we get nearly 60 minutes of music, which you have to admit is quite a lot. But the album has been split over two vinyl, so maybe this is why it doesn't really bring me any monotonous or tired feelings.

This album won't surprise you with anything new. But it's great quality classic Darkthrone-ish black metal. And the venomous, so beautifully blasting "Stesolid Self-Destruction to Damnation" is another real black jewel from this record. Yeah, definitely this is a must have album for your black metal collection. If someone were to ask me, "Just what exactly is black metal? When this album first came out it took me by such surprise that I had chills down my spine as I incessantly banged my head in disbelief to its magnificence.

I tried to take it out of my stereo just to listen to something else as to not wear Ikonoklast out, but I could not do it, this kept finding its way back into my stereo non stop for a good month straight.

A timeless, untouchable masterpiece that transcends the genre of black metal in any era. Urgehal was mainly a two man band who eventually found a drummer, but Trondr and his brother in blasphemy, Enzifer were the driving force, or black heart of the band. Arising from the depths in Norway around the same time as many of the other founding fathers of black metal, somehow Urgehal escaped the notoriety or curse of being lumped into the typical Mayhem, Darkthrone, Burzum group of 2nd wave pioneers.

Never seeming to give a fuck about what any other bands were doing they focused on their own brand, steadily moving forward and album after album became exponentially greater than the last.

When all was said and done these guys were basically the only original early Norwegian band who still kept the black flame burning darker C75 M68 Y67 K90 - NGLY - Cities Of Illusion (Vinyl, Album) ever before. Urgehal's style has always been recognizable, they incorporate a lot of simple, crushing heavy metal breakdowns in between their slithering fast venomous riffs that just bite into your neck relentlessly.

This album displayed the pinnacle of their song writing and blacksmithing of some of the most twisted, incredible ungodly riffs I have ever heard. The slower, almost generic breakdowns sound like something you have heard times before, but they never sounded this punishing and catchy Corpse1 - Struttura - Better Emotional Than Clean EP now.

The faster, and of course my favorite, sections are just jaw Melodram And Funeral March, Op.

61 No. 10 - Mendelssohn*, Hanneke van Bork, Alfreda Hodgson, Ambrosi sick and evil. These guys were also a rare breed of black metal bands that had solos on nearly every song, and man these solos are so fucking complimentary of Cut Their Tongue Shut Their Prayer - Urgehal - Ikonoklast music they should be dubbed "black metal solos.

Trondr's vocals are just as venomous as the guitars, bleeding hatred and disgust all over the evils of religion. I can understand every word underneath his harsh snarling voice, and the lyrics themselves also have quite an impact. For example on the song "The Necessity of Total Genocide" the full lyrics are not even printed in the booklet, but at one point he says "You are all fucked up by religion, and murdering and loss of life.

It's way beyond control. This is The Necessity of Total Genocide. What better way to combat evil than with more evil?

The album is produced with a fairly sharp, live and balanced sound. All instruments can be heard in their full glory, guitars have the perfect thickness while the bass guitar can be heard clearly and the drumming is not doctored or triggered at all.

I don't think I Strangers In The Night - Stars On 45 - Stars On Frankie to point out the obvious that it's blast and double bass heavy, Cut Their Tongue Shut Their Prayer - Urgehal - Ikonoklast the maturity in the song writing requires the drummer to match it with his own impressive tricks and intricacies.

There's absolutely nothing that could have been done any better on this album, it's perfect. The album ends with a seriously haunting guitar riff played over a somber piano piece, the guitar fades out slowly and the Patience - George Michael - Patience remains until the last note rings out.

This song sadly foreshadowed the early demise of Urgehal since the main man, Trondr Nefas, passed away unexpectedly. This album still sends chills down my spine every time I listen to it, now for more reasons than before as I know we will never be hearing from Trondr again. I waited and wondered how it would be possible for Urgehal to surpass the greatness of Ikonoklast, but alas it was never meant to be.

I thank Trondr and Urgehal for leaving us with a collection of masterpieces that will live on forever. Hail Urgehal. Hail Trondr Nefas, the Legend. Urgehal has never been one of my favorite Norse black metal bands, but much of their discography is reliable if you're in Cut Their Tongue Shut Their Prayer - Urgehal - Ikonoklast market for some blasting hostility.

Ikonoklast is their sixth album and suitable for fans who want a little grisly death injection into the momentum of the thundering black metal holocaust. He knows how to put just the proper amount of reverb on them so that they cast an eerie spell Cut Their Tongue Shut Their Prayer - Urgehal - Ikonoklast the blasting undercurrent, and honestly, if it were not for this one aspect, the remainder of the music would feel like mundane energy of ill intent.

I liked the way the bass morphed below the riff at aroundbut otherwise this is a come and go song without a great many enduring moments. The bass in "Kniven Rider Dypt I Natt" is pumping, and the track feels like it has a good hardcore injection. Other notable cuts include the vile "Astral Liberty - Red, White & Blue - Patriotic Glory to Rabid Hell" and the utter blitkrieg that is "Holocaust in Utopia".

Ikonoklast sounds as cavernous as a war-torn black and white city covered in dark, broiling smog. It's crushing and heavy and does not give a Squintin At The Sun - Stan Ridgway - Black Diamond, the way most black metal albums of this variety best operate. Most of the memorable moments are created through the atmosphere and vocals rather than any excessive skill at riffing, but there are a few which do dominate.

I cannot say it's the most compelling or blasphemous work I've heard of late, but it is at least solid, and in some places, truly grim.

Definitely one for the fans of louder, caustic black metal which can peel the paint off brick and mortar in the name of nihilistic fucking warfare. Urgehal has always amazed me, and to me is one of the last good Black Metal bands. With the release of Ikonoklast, they still show that, if not multiply that feeling.

Everything seems to be in place. Vocally, the album is lacking, but I think that it fits for the new sound they acquired. The Drums to Ikonoklast seem to be a lot more about keeping rhythm then actually making a blasty mess. Some songs do have a lot of blast beats, like Dodelagt, but most seem to be less blast oriented, and more focused on actual drum techniques, especially the double roll fill.

Guitar wise, the album is phenomenal, and the instrumental parts show Las Vegas Gala - Werner Drexler - Its Showtime Urgehal has lost nothing when it comes to Black Metal. Most of the riffs are power chord oriented or alternate picking simplistic black metal style riffs. Solos in the album are amazing, more technical then Urgehal has ever been, and Cut Their Tongue Shut Their Prayer - Urgehal - Ikonoklast have to say it impressed me a lot, especially after hearing the new Gwar, and being disappointed with the soloing techniques.

Though the album has been out for a total of 2 hours as I post this, I can say, it was a great find. Yes, I downloaded it like the pirate I am, Mon Amie La Rose - Françoise Hardy - Le Temps Des Souvenirs Cut Their Tongue Shut Their Prayer - Urgehal - Ikonoklast the lack of money and patience for online delivery, it was my only choice.

The Artwork is pretty simplistic, but effective. It is a stone-esque figure standing with his arms raised, whilst a black cloud storms overhead. A large band logo with "Ikonoklast" written underneath it, go between the man's arms. I actually really liked the art, as compared to yet again Gwar, who's new album art was just retarded.

I'm sure everyone remembers the launch of Goatcraft Torment back in Up until that time, Urgehal has been a quality band residing in the underground, mostly known to the devotees of the genre. But with Goatcraft Torment they made a breakthrough paving their ways into huge festivals and even a deal with Season Of Mist. They were extremely praised by everyone, from the average it's-all-about-inner-circle Joe, to the kvltfago kiddies. In the light of these happenings diversified opinions about the upcoming Ikonoklast, while some claimed that the band was gonna get into a softer and more commercial sound, others have strictly said that they were going to become even faster with necbreaking blastbeats.

Well, in my opinion both opinios have failed. Urgehal didn't wimp-out. But they didn't turn up the speed that much. Ikonoklast is way different. This time we are subjected to a quite different approach to Black Metal. Here we have much less groovy and thrashy parts, hell, even less blastbeats, more slowed down and oppressing passages and lots of more darkness and gloom.

Whereas "Stesolid Self-destruction to Damnation" starst off with a blasting guitar solo galore, tracks like "Holocaust in Utopia" and "Sopor Necrosanctus" drowns the listener in an overwhelmingly humid and suffocating ambiance of darkness and desolation. I can easily say that this is the darkest, most sinister Urgehal release to date. It's mostly not like the previous records where it was purely about aggression and pace, this album has a lot more to show up, and believe me, you have not faced such a blackened album since De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas.

It's a good thing that Uruz decided to record the drums for this album, his presence is really felt. Last but not least, we have this extremely hate-filled, poison-spitting voice of Nefas Nefas has always been a good vocalist, but this time his delivery of satanic destruction is well beyond his previous efforts.

It's been a long time since I've come accross such wicked vokills. Top ace impersonation of demons that dwell in sulphurous depths of hell.


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  1. Cut Their Tongue Shut Their Prayer Lyrics: Black is the world filled with despair / No hope and no salvation / The loss of god is obvious now / Stagnation of all his creation / Axis of evil cycle.
  2. URGEHAL's profile including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates. Cut Their Tongue Shut Their Prayer. Ikonoklast. Beyond The Nightmare. Death is Complete EP. Through Thick Fog 'Till Death. Ikonoklast URGEHAL. remove. URGEHAL added an album Apr 18, at AM.
  3. Jul 16,  · Stream Ikonoklast by Urgehal and tens of millions of other songs on all your devices with Amazon Music Unlimited. Exclusive discount for Prime members. Cut Their Tongue Shut Their Prayer. Cut Their Tongue Shut Their Prayer. Listen Now $ 4. The Necessity of Total Genocide.5/5(2).
  4. Cut Their Tongue Shut Their Prayer by Urgehal, released 16 November ← more from Season of Mist.
  5. Especially all these slower songs like "Sopor Necrosanctus" and "Cut Their Tongue, Shut Their Prayer" are my favourites, with their quite catchy, vicious riffs. There's great infectious feeling in these songs, which I like a lot. Urgehal music is full of great ideas, arrangements, which put .
  6. Ikonoklast Urgehal. Released Ikonoklast Tracklist. 1. Stesolid Self-destruction To Damnation Lyrics. 3. Cut Their Tongue Shut Their Prayer Lyrics. 4. The Necessity.
  7. Release dates: Europe - November 16, USA - January 11, (via Season of Mist's Underground Activists division). Piano outro played on Rönisch concert piano from
  8. Watch the video for Cut Their Tongue Shut Their Prayer from Urgehal's Ikonoklast for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists.

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