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Face Of Love (Club Mix) - D.D.F. System - Face Of Love

Oct 2, 2012 mp3 by Vushakar


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By DemonlandNovember 27 in Melbourne Demons. Listening to the interview this morning, I gained more of an appreciation of what went on within the 4 walls of the club this year. Im now prepared to let the last 12 months go and throw my full support behind the club. The past is behind us and the future in front of us. Go Dees. The club must be so pleased you are prepared to let the last 12 months go and decide to throw your Face Of Love (Club Mix) - D.D.F. System - Face Of Love support behind the club'.

Insert saracasam font. At least tgat's how i see it. If I quit supporting the dees after a poor season we would have parted ways 40 years ago. There is no science in coaching when your team has an injury riddled season, Ron Barassi took over in his teams were plagued with injuries but he made no excuses, John Northey took over and with a lot of Barassi's blooded players along with a few interstate boys the got to the grand final in John had no system but faith in his players to do the job and it worked but ultimate prize was not attained and he started to blame the players for his failure, lack of a game plan.

Im not sure what your problem is and how you can react like that to my post, but thats your problem not mine. I have been a member for over 20 years, during that time i have given unqualified and unconditional support, where in my post did i say i was quitting the Dees? You seem to want to pick a fight for absolutely no reason at all?

I don't feel the same way about the season. Not even close. I think calling them amateur is really unfair and I think calling their response to the end of sickening is insulting and Ill informed. And way over the top.

And to be honest all this Face Of Love (Club Mix) - D.D.F. System - Face Of Love not seem like unqualified support. I apologise for my unnessary rudeness.

Accept your apology, and its cool, i respect your right to disagree, its the beauty of supporting this team, we can have all sorts of different opinions, but ultimately we love our team. I stick by my opinion that i think we didnt perform like a professional team, no where near it and to lose a prelim and then only win 5 games makes me sick, might sound over the top but i found it hard to digest, that is genuine disappointment.

Unqualified support is there, it does not and should not stop a paid up member of 20 years being disappointed. If it wasn't unqualified i would not have signed up again. Its all good, what we can agree on is that we want them to bounce back have success. Have a good day Binman, no hard feelings. I was lucky to see 6 premierships in my time but I also watched coaches who thought there way was the only way to play football and fail for one reason or another.

In we made the grand final for the first time in 24 years and Steve O'Dwyer's suspension did not help the cause, coach sat there in the preliminary final when he should have removed Steve from the ground because he was a hot head who would retaliate and the grand final was done. I'm certain Goodwin and his group would admit mistakes were made. It's hard to grow or improve if you don't make mistakes.

And they were challenged by injuries like few teams before them, which is tough going considering the young list profile. Btw, this ''plan B'' talk is a load of crap. Everyone knew how Hawthorn played when they won 3 flags, they just couldn't deal with it. Clarkson didn't alter their game style in season, just as Richmond played to their strengths Face Of Love (Club Mix) - D.D.F.

System - Face Of Love year. Do you think Leigh Matthews had a plan B? Ever heard ''From the Lips of Lethal''? Malthouse won a flag going around the boundary to minimise the effect of turnovers.

He didn't suddenly start using the corridor during games they were losing. All clubs adjust their tempo at times during games, throw a 7th defender into the mix, match up on a dominant player who's got off the leash, move a tall defender forward, etc. There are however reasons for our poor season, which I absolutely accept.

Stupid deal. I felt like I was Josh Mahoney dealing with North on trading draft picks. Shooting fish in a barrel. We will Know in the first few weeks of next season whether Goodwin keeps his job or not. Kane Cornes gave the Club a big serve yesterday which was highly unnecessary, less talk more action. But what else can people do except talk in November?

He really is an angry little nit, but if Goodwin fails next year, the media will crucify him. They are ready to circle, even now. So i applaud the changes, the desire to make amends and the fact we have not sat on our hands and just expected we will bounce back. Goodwin is a relatively young coach, and all coaches face challenges, he did this year and im sure he will have learnt a lot, Richo will be a great addition to teh club.

Same old posters jumping in to attack any criticism of the club. Almost as if they just wait around on this forum for someone to call dumb. Seems like a dumb use of ones time, when we're all waiting for ACTIONS on the field and a turn around in results next year to actually prove the intelligence or lack of of any statements made. Maybe take a The Floater - Ted Nash - Peter Gunn out of Demon3 's book.

I wonder if Goodwin will stick to the processes when we are zip 3. If the former then hashtag what ever floats your boat. If the latter then i'd suggest you follow things a bit more closely. The coaching Face Of Love (Club Mix) - D.D.F. System - Face Of Love did in fact make significant changes to the way we played. Absolutely let himself go. Mick Molloy looks in better shape! Don't tell me there's another club not obsessed with reviewing a finals disaster!

Davis: Criminal - Smoota - Fetishes in my top 5 to review. I don't know about the wisdom of GWS not paying much attention to the GF, but I'll stick my head above the parapet and get flamed for saying that it is not obvious as many say that Goodwin was wrong. I doubt there much point in reviewing fine details in such a case.

Not sure what you would learn other than if most of the players are stuffed, it doesn't matter how talented they are or how good your game plan is. Mightn't be very effective but would tower over any other midfield. Imagine the screens we may be able to set up - multiple dead-ends for opponents, with Oliver and Brayshaw and perhaps Sparrow flanking but goalward at full I Feel (Mix 1.1) - Mac Zimms - I Feel for the taps and handballs.

I think its been acknowledged and excepted that we were absolutely cooked by the time the Prelim rolled around. I can distinctly remember Brendan McCartney saying that in an interview on this is your footballing life. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Here was yet another film about a person gifted with a meteoric rise to stardom finding coke, booze and a hedonistic lifestyle that led directly to a destructive crash into the abyss.

Once the final siren sounds on the football season, I find the month or so that follows and corresponds roughly with the Spring Racing Carnival to be the most boring time of the year for sports fans. Long before the final siren sounded on the season just over a week ago, the maneuvering was under way with player agents and clubs discussing possible player movements and in some cases, deals had already been done.

It was appropriate Face Of Love (Club Mix) - D.D.F. System - Face Of Love Melbourne was playing its Face Of Love (Club Mix) - D.D.F. System - Face Of Love game of season in Hobart. After all, how much further south could the team go? And much as it has done in many of the previous 22 games, the side managed to extract a loss from a winning position by simply giving the ball back to the opposition time and time again.

I can vividly remember when the Demons ventured onto Blundstone Arena for the first time in early only to lose to the Kangaroos by Melbourne was then a team on the up and up: young, enthusiastic and bold.

It gave up a huge quarter time deficit after kicking against a strong wind but made that up by half time and fell dramatically short after an exciting high scoring affair. The team lost no fans that day - they were willing to take the game on and attac. While sunny skies prevailed over Frankston in the morning, the skies became overcast by noon and heavy waves pounded the bay nearby as the rains came in to greet the players as the game started.

And conditions stayed dark and dreary for the rem. Thanks, but no thanks! In a round where the club was supposed to thank their fans for the support during the year, the Melbourne Football Club chose to do otherwise with a 53 point loss to a team that sat 15th on the ladder. It was a disgraceful performance, which started with a disgracefu. Around about 12 months ago Melbourne and Sydney fought out an epic battle between two top eight teams fighting for the best possible ladder position in the lead up to the finals.

But for its poor kicking for goal, Melbourne might well have won the game and finished in the top four. Who knows what might then have Face Of Love (Club Mix) - D.D.F. System - Face Of Love for the club in September?

As a consequence, the person re. Despite all that, the Casey Demons added a little ray of sunshine to their day to get the job done over a "traditional" rival with a 15 point victory over Collingwood VFL that breathed life back into their season. There were a few highlights at the ground that in past Dr.

Charles Hill - Chuck It, Priestley (Shellac) has seen many titanic batt. We have seen it all before… Yes, a wonderful idea to showcase what used to be in football. Big crowds, umpires who Club Bizarre - U 96* - Best how to apply the rules and not opinions, high marks, skilful players.

But for the Melbourne supporters their retro is what it has been like for the past 10 years.


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  1. Nov 27,  · So i applaud the changes, the desire to make amends and the fact we have not sat on our hands and just expected we will bounce back. Goodwin is a relatively young coach, and all coaches face challenges, he did this year and im sure he will have learnt a lot, Richo will be a great addition to teh club.
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