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Fort X - Lone Ranger - Fort X

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The character has been called an enduring icon of American culture. Trendle[3] [4] [5] or by Fran Striker[8] the show's writer. The Lone Ranger is the sole survivor of a group of six ambushed Texas Rangers. He discovers one of the rangers, Captain Reid's younger brother, John, barely alive, and Fort X - Lone Ranger - Fort X nurses the man to health. In some versions, Tonto recognizes the lone survivor as the man who had saved his life when they both were children.

According to the television series, Tonto gave John a ring and the name Kemo Sabewhich he said means "trusty scout". To conceal his identity and honor his fallen brother, John fashions a black domino mask using cloth from his late brother's vest.

To aid in the deception, Tonto digs a Fort X - Lone Ranger - Fort X grave and places at its head a cross bearing John Reid's name so that Cavendish and his gang will believe that all the Rangers had been killed. In many versions, Reid continues fighting for justice as the Lone Ranger even after the Cavendish gang is captured. As generally depicted, the Lone Ranger conducts himself by a strict moral code based on that put in place by Striker at the inception of the character.

It read:. I believe that to have a friend, a man must be one. That all men are created M & Ms - Black Heat - No Time To Burn and that everyone has within himself the power to make this a better world.

That God put the firewood there but that every man must gather and light it himself. In being prepared physically, mentally, and morally to fight when necessary for what is right. That a man should make the most of what equipment he has.

That 'this government, of the people, by the people and for the people' shall live always. That men should live by the rule of what is best for the greatest number. That sooner or later That all things change but truth, and that truth alone, lives on forever. In my Creator, my country, my fellow man. In addition, Fran Striker and George W. Trendle drew up the Talk About Love - Tony Worsley - My Time Of Day guidelines that embody who and what the Lone Ranger is: [15].

Although the Lone Ranger's last name in the radio shows was given as Reid, his first name was never specified Fort X - Lone Ranger - Fort X any of the radio or television shows. The Lone Ranger's first name is also thought to have not been mentioned in contemporary Lone Ranger newspaper comics, comic books, and tie-in premiumsthough some Fort X - Lone Ranger - Fort X stated that the name John Reid was used in an illustration of the grave marker made by Tonto which appeared in either a comic book version of the character's origin story or in a children's record set.

The name John Reid is used in a scene in the film The Legend of the Lone Rangerin which the surviving Reid digs an extra grave for himself. The character made his initial appearance in the 11th episode of the radio show. Fran Striker told his son that Tonto was added so the Lone Ranger would have someone to talk to. In the local Native American language, "Tonto" meant "wild one".

Because tonto means "stupid" or "ignorant" in Spanish, the character is renamed " Toro " Spanish for "bull" or " Ponto " in Spanish-speaking countries. The name of Captain Reid's son, the Lone Ranger's nephew, a character introduced in the radio series inwho became a juvenile sidekick to the Masked Man, is Dan Reid.

The two lived in an area described as "the high border country of the northwest" near the town of Martinsville close to the Canada—US border. The Lone Ranger and the Mounties foil the plot and capture the impostor and his gang. Fifteen years previously, Grandma Frisby had been part of a wagon train travelling to Fort Laramie. Before the wagon train could reach Fort Laramie, Indians attacked it and Linda Reid was among those killed.

Grandma Frisby took charge and care of Dan Jr. Taking Dan and certain items concerning his identity including a small gold locket containing a picture of Dan's parents and a picture of Captain Reid's brotherGrandma Frisby travelled to Martinsville and raised Dan as her grandson.

On hearing this story, The Lone Fort X - Lone Ranger - Fort X reveals his true identity and his own story to Grandma Frisby and promises that he will care for Dan like his own son. Her last words are "Ride on, Lone Ranger Dan Reid Jr. Eventually, Dan Reid Jr. The Lone Ranger saves Silver's life from an enraged buffalo and, in gratitude, Silver chooses to give up his wild life to carry him. The origin of Tonto's horse, Scout, is less clear. For a long time, Tonto rides a white horse called White Feller.

Tonto rides this horse and refers to him simply as "Paint Horse" for several episodes. In another episode, however, the Lone Ranger, in a surge of conscience, releases Silver back to the wild.

The episode ends with Silver returning, bringing along a companion who becomes Tonto's horse Scout. In the Format Films animated cartoon which ran from toTonto also had an eagle he called Taka, and installments that focused exclusively on him or had him team up with the Lone Ranger ended with his saying, "Fly, Taka!

On, Scout! There may have been a few Work Bitch (PO Intro Edit) - Various - Promo Only Chart Video Nov.13 (DVDr) on-air shakedown shows prior to the official January 31, premiere date.

Lacking concrete evidence, [ Lone Ranger authority Terry] Salomonson is inclined to doubt it. The papers didn't even list the show in their radio logs at first. The show was an immediate success. An announcer introduced each episode with the following, which was sometimes changed to reflect the storyline of the episode:.

In the early days of the western United States, a masked man and an Indian rode the plains, searching for truth and justice. Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when from out of the past come the thundering hoofbeats of the great horse Silver!

The Lone Ranger rides again! By the time it was on ABC at pm Eastern Time, the introduction, voiced by Fred Foyhad become "Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear", followed by, Fort X - Lone Ranger - Fort X out of the Fort X - Lone Ranger - Fort X with the speed of light and a hearty 'Hi-yo, Silver!

A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty Hi-Yo Silver! The Lone Ranger! With his faithful Indian companion Tonto, the daring and resourceful masked rider of the plains led the fight for law and order in the early western United States! Nowhere in the pages of history can one find a greater champion of justice! Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear! From out of the past come the thundering hoofbeats of the great horse Silver!

This was followed by Brace Beemer's voice, declaring, "Come on, Silver! Let's go, big fellow! Hi-yo, Silver! Tonto was played throughout the run by actor John Todd although there were a few isolated occasions when he was replaced by Roland Parker, better known as Kato for much of the run of sister series The Green Hornet.

Other supporting players were selected from Detroit area actors and studio staff. These included Jay Michael who also played the lead on Vyses Theme (Skies Of Arcadia) - Bad Dudes - The Very Best Of Sega (File) of the Yukona.

Preston of the YukonBill Saunders as various villains, including Butch CavendishPaul Hughes as the Ranger's friend Thunder Martin and as various army colonels and badmenfuture movie star John HodiakJanka Fasciszewska under the name Jane Faeand Rube and Liz Weiss a married couple, both actors in several radio and television programs in Detroit, Rube usually taking on villain roles on the "Ranger", and Liz playing damsels in distress.

The theme music was primarily taken from the "March of the Swiss Soldiers" finale of Gioachino Rossini 's William Tell Overturewhich thus came to be inseparably associated with the series. In the late s, Trendle acquired the rights to use incidental music from Republic Pictures motion picture serials as part of a deal for Republic to produce a serial based loosely on the Lone Ranger.

This music was used in both the radio and later television shows. Burton, Black Gun, Silver Star. Burton wrote, "Bass Reeves is the closest real person to resemble the Lone Ranger. Burton cites many similarities between Reeves and the Lone Ranger wearing disguises, having a Native American partner, riding a white and grey horse, giving out silver keepsakes, possessing legendary marksmanship and horsemanship etc.

The radio series inspired a spinoff called The Green Hornet, which depicts the son of the Lone Ranger's nephew Dan, [32] Britt Reidoriginally played by Al Hodgewho in contemporary times, fights crime with a similar secret identity and a sidekickKato. However, rights to The Lone Ranger and The Green Hornet have been acquired by separate owners and the familial link has been ignored in the Western character's various incarnations.

Republic Pictures released two serials starring the Lone Ranger. The first, released inutilized several actors playing different men portraying the masked hero, with the true Lone Ranger unknown to the audience until the conclusion; the character played by Lee Powell is ultimately revealed to be the Lone Ranger. Tonto was played in both by Victor Daniels, billed as Chief Thundercloud.

Only five of the eight seasons had new episodes. It was the ABC television network's first big Kalimba - Bob Berg - Short Stories of the early s. The fifth and final season was the only one shot in color. A total of episodes were made. At the beginning of each episode, the magnificent white stallion, Silver, would rear Introduction - The Wiggles - Go Bananas! with the Lone Ranger on his back, then they would dash off, the Ranger encouragingly shouting, "Hi-Yo, Silver!

Tonto usually referred to the Lone Ranger as " Kemo sabe ", described as meaning either "faithful friend," or "trusty scout". Gimoozaabi is said to mean "he looks out in secret. After the series ended, Moore continued to make public appearances as the Lone Ranger. InJack Wratherthen owner of the rights to the character, obtained a restraining Fort X - Lone Ranger - Fort X against Moore, enjoining Moore from appearing in public in his mask.

Moore later won a countersuit, allowing him to resume his costume. At the time of the release of the film The Legend of the Lone Rangerthe company owning the rights to the character, Wrather Corp. The film itself was a critical and commercial failure. It starred Klinton Spilsbury in his only motion picture appearance. His lines were overdubbed by James Keach. Moore, who never appeared publicly without his mask, was enjoined in the lawsuit from wearing it and, in protest, he Billy Get Your Guns - Jon Bon Jovi - Blaze Of Glory wearing oversized sunglasses that were the approximate size and shape of the mask.

Another passenger announces his intent to make his Fort X - Lone Ranger - Fort X from his invention of sunglasses. The stage is robbed and the inventor killed.


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  1. lone ranger; the lone ranger fort laramie incident Title: the lone ranger () fort laramie incident Air Date: (June 21, ) Plot: +Program #/ Syndicated. "Colonel Howard"/"Fort Laramie Incident". Music fill for local commercial insert. A romantically inclined lieutenant inadvertantly tips off the Gregg Beeler gang.
  2. Lone Texas Ranger is a American Western film directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet starring Wild Bill Elliott in the role of Red Ryder and costarring as Little Beaver, actor (Bobby) Robert Blake. It was the eighth of twenty-three Red Ryder feature films that would be produced by Republic megalsaigenuadamath.infoinfo by: Mort Glickman.
  3. Sep 23,  · Directed by Wilhelm Thiele. With Clayton Moore, Jay Silverheels, Steve Brodie, Chick Chandler. The Lone Ranger gets involved in trying to break up a gang that is selling guns to Indians around Fort Apache. The gang knows the jig is nearly up, however they are waiting for payment by the Indians for one last shipment before heading for the Mexican border/10(19).
  4. May 04,  · Directed by George B. Seitz Jr.. With Clayton Moore, Jay Silverheels, Robert Kent, Gene Roth. The Lone Ranger comes across a skirmish between an army patrol and a renegade group of Indians. The Lone Ranger helps fight the Indians off but is concerned they were using weapons that only could have come from the nearby Army fort. He decides he needs to know how they got the weapons/10(1).
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  6. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Lone Ranger - Fort X at Discogs. Complete your Lone Ranger collection/5(9).
  7. Jun 29,  · megalsaigenuadamath.infoinfo: Disney Exclusive The Lone Ranger Deluxe TONTO Costume for Boys (Size 4 (X-Small)): Toys & Games/5(10).

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