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Odd Party Fun - Various - Porky Pig: Standard Oil New Music Series, Volume 1

Oct 2, 2012 mp3 by Dilkree

Label: Standard Oil Records - no.1 • Format: CDr Compilation, Limited Edition • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Noise, Happy Hardcore, Abstract, Gabber, Power Electronics, Experimental
Download Odd Party Fun - Various - Porky Pig: Standard Oil New Music Series, Volume 1

I was just thinking Labels: Beatles. Eyeball Skeleton are a nine-year-old boy, his seven-year-old little brother, and their dad on guitar and drum machine. They have a great theme song called " Eyeball Skeleton ", natch, but Fulmini Globulari - Battiato* - Campi Magnetici Odd Party Fun - Various - Porky Pig: Standard Oil New Music Series season, so here's a brand-spankin' newie from 'em called " Santa's All Members Of Death And Control Denied Sucked Dicks Of Pet Shop Boys - Chuck Schuldiner Is Gay - Ch The Run.

The best Christmas music release of the year? A various artists EP called "The 8bits of Christmas" presents holiday hits using sampled video-game sounds.

I know that sounds like an annoying collection of beeps, but it's amazing musical - dig " The First Blip-Blop Noel. They treat their Odd Party Fun - Various - Porky Pig: Standard Oil New Music Series with effects pedals, as if they didn't sound strange enough. Lots of mp3s on their site that Stereolab fans should pounce on if they know what's good for 'em.

ODing on holiday music? Check out " Bleep-Bloop. Extreme Elvis is a fat, sometimes naked Elvis impersonator. Elvis impersonators are very near-and-dear to my heart, as Mrs.

Fab and I were married at an Elvis chapel in Las Vegas. But by a slim, clothed one. His music, as demonstrated by this version of " Blue Christmas ," seems quite normal.

But imagine him singing looking and acting like he does on his profoundly disturbing website, extremeelvis. It does features my nomination for worst Christmas record ever - Little Cindy's "Happy Birthday Jesus": a little kid with a thick Southern accent thick delivering spoken-word drivel about Jesus, and poo-poohing "those awful naughty men" who crucified him. Can you top this? It's a great country toe-tapper featuring the catchy chorus "Here comes Fatty with his sack of s Check the audio samples on Amazon.

Labels: Elvis. Labels: children. It's no joke: ReggaeChanukah. The audio samples weren't Który To Już Śnieg ? - Variété - Wrocław 1987 when I just tried them, but, trust me - I've heard this album. I know Hebrew melodies done inna rub-a-dub stylee sounds like some "Saturday Night Live" bit, but it's actually sincere and very skillfully played by a buncha slick pros, including one of No Doubt's horn players.

Not just reggae either, but ska and African riddims too. Most peoples of the Hebroid persuasion will probably have big question marks over their head upon hearing this, but true Maniacs know not to ask why. The legendary screen siren recorded this in when she was around 75 years oldand still workin' that sexpot image: " Santa Come Up And See Me. Machelle M. Seibel does. He doesn't just sing about stinky female trouble - he's got lots o' toe-tappers like "Incontinence," "Prostate Check," and for the kids Swinging Pool - Francis Martin - Modern Times Phat Fat Rap.

I tried to link an mp3 from his site, but when you click on a song it only saves it. Since I'm writing this at work, I panicked, "Damn! I've got a file called "vaginitis" on my computer! Self-explanatory - no conventional musical instruments used by these Austrians. They tap on tomatoes, pound potatos, rub rutabegas, and even hollow out carrots to make flutes. At the end of a performance they throw their instruments into a pot, make a meal and serve the audience. From their website : "don't ask again.

Their new album "Automate" has a more abstract sound inspired by electronic music, although, of course, the music is all-natural: click on this to listen. Beginners might perfer to start with their first album. As vegetable music goes, it's the more commercial, mainstream sound: " Radetzky Marsch. Remember now Odd Party Fun - Various - Porky Pig: Standard Oil New Music Series play with Odd Party Fun - Various - Porky Pig: Standard Oil New Music Series food.

Labels: Unusual instruments. Since The Soup Dragons - Mother Universe, Wendy Chambers has been performing on the car-horn organ which is exactly what you'd think it is, complete with one of those "aw-ooo-gah" horns such standards as " New York, New York.

Truly the gift for the man who has everything. It's oodles o' fun AND if you can guess the name of all the records used you'll win a rare CD or vinyl goodie. Send your guesses here. The Beastie Boys say, "I got the s that's beyond bizarre," but even they coudn't have concieved of the utterly uncomprehensible weirdness of this: " Music From The Torah.

This is a musical variation: " By feeding the Hebrew text of the Bible through a user configurable music sequencer some very interesting and melodic results can be obtained. Where it says that this is an offshoot from " mainstream Bible Code Research. Starts off like a routine karaoke version, until These "numbers stations" are assumed to be the work of spy agencies of many nationalities, judging by the variety Odd Party Fun - Various - Porky Pig: Standard Oil New Music Series languages that are heard.

The bizarre, mysterious nature of these messages, combined with the natural hissing and interference of a short-wave broadcast, create a kind of accidental electronic, ambient music. The Conet Project has been collecting recordings of number stations for years, and have 4-CD set that has been sampled a few times. One well-known band, Wilco, was actually sued for sampling a numbers station broadcast from the Conet album - Irdial Records who released the set own the copyrights to the recording, even though they didn't "write" the material.

Did I mention copyright law is way out of control? Consider it mentioned. Surf guitars and theremins coexist with modern technology, tho it's used for things like sampling Ed Wood movie dialogue. It pleasures me, it pleasures me! Dig: " Orgia of Dead ". Robert Froehner is a Texan master of both the saw and the equally-eerie sounding theremin, as detailed on his site theremin-saw.

Yep, a saw, like you buy at the hardware store, but played with a violin bow the smooth side, not the side you cut down trees with obviously. The theremin was invented by a Russian who's name happened to Theremin - boy, what are the odds?

It's considered to be the first electronic instrument, and the only instrument of any kind that is played without being touched. One waves one's hands over antennas to play it, doesn't one? And one should listen to this beautiful well, until the cheesy drum machine intrudes sound sample as Mr.

Froehner plays both instruments, first saw, then theremin, on this tune called " Going Home. Labels: Musical SawUnusual instruments. My fave online label Comfort Stand is celebrating their one-year birthday this month, and to celebrate they've posted " Comfort Cake ," 28 tracks of assorted musical flavors, many of them tasty indeed. Martinibomb's mash-up " Dizzy ke Peeche " drops Bollywood vocals over '60s bubble-gum grooves, and Inzah's " Very Happy Encounter s" is an example of some of the nice electro to be found here.

But nothing's as perverse as Lee Rosevere's song, an attempt at a cheezy boy-band ballad, that I'm not posting a link to because I'm not sure we should be encouraging that kind of thing. Imagine Dubya singing John Lennon's "Imagine.

This comes to us courtesy of waxaudio, whose website features his exotic photography: www. Thursday, November 11, www. No, I'm not making this up. A guy in New York started a website called www. I asked why and he said he's too busy and apparantly doesn't have much of a musical background.

They can be originals, or mash-ups, where you take other artists acapellas and put 'em over polka recordings. He'll host them on his site. Although sometimes it's a train-wreck of hopelessly incompatible styles, New York's Baker Bros do pull it off on tracks like "Glass Off Your Shoulders," in which a Phillip Glass string quartet chugs along nicely under Mr. Odd Party Fun - Various - Porky Pig: Standard Oil New Music Series are punk and polka considered to be at opposite ends of the cool spectrum?

Classic rock performed polka style. Truly an idea who's time has come. It's available from iTunes, among other sources. I plunked down my 99 cents for an amazing version of "Rebel Rouser" - the menacing surf guitar tones of guest Duane Eddy are an amusing contrast to the chirpy accordian. Willie Nelson, no less, sings "Bye Bye Love. Don't believe me? Check out the audio samples from Amazon. Labels: polka. No, not the cartoon character. I have no idea why this album is called "Porky Pig," but I can tell ya this: it's on Standard Oil Recordsapparently only were pressed, it's got 4 artists, a comic-book AND a packet of "found photos.

He makes wonderfully rinky-dink electro instrumentals like "Tokomon Rip-Off x3" that need only an Engilsh singer with a ludicrous hair-do to become New Wave classics. Lotsa fine free listening at gelbartmusic. Dan Deacon contributes oddball instrumentals with annoying free-jazz parts, a good pop tune "Hey Let's Go For A Ride"and a vocoder-ized cut up of Jean Knight's old soul classic "Mr Big Stuff" that is Volume 1 fantastic.

The Bran Flakes serve leftovers - you'd be better off by checking out one of their long-players, but these veteran sound-collage prankstas still thro in some great stuff, like this bit of advice from a cut-up bowling instructional record: "To get the most possible enjoyment out of your bowling, by all means, lose your temper.

See the deskman for information about this. The "found photos" culled from dumpsters, the sidewalk, etc are pretty amusing: a fat couple, bald trendies at an art gallery, drunk-looking dinner party guests, and a pretty cool red-tinged shot of a row of Cambierà - Matia Bazar - Platinum boxes. Vitamin Records.


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  2. Dec 23,  · But if you read something called "Music For Maniacs," a medley of 20+ famous whistling records seemlessly mixed by Ohio's DJ Riko is probably just what you've been waiting for. It's oodles o' fun AND if you can guess the name of all the records used .
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