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R.I.P. - Abhorrence - Burial Of Evil

Oct 2, 2012 mp3 by Arashirisar

Label: Deadbutcher Records - DBR 04 • Format: CD Album • Country: Slovakia • Genre: Rock • Style: Hardcore, Thrash, Metalcore
Download R.I.P. - Abhorrence  - Burial Of Evil

Post a Comment. Despite the long period of hiatus, the band crushed the coffin to torment the world of the living, specially with their latest EP. Jukka vocals answered the following questions. Read on…in reverence for putrefaction!

You are about to strike with a new EP, tell me about your feelings and expectations А За Окном Печаль - МГК - Звездная Коллекция it?

As far as expectations go, R.I.P. - Abhorrence - Burial Of Evil would like for the fans of the old stuff to find it and like it, to see the growth that has happened in the almost three decades. The old stuff is so iconic to some people, that they would have trouble with new material no matter what it was.

What kind of sound did you wanted to achieve? Did you let it flow naturally or did you take care of keeping certain vibe of your roots?

The sound was pretty much found immediately in the first rehearsals ofwhich is basically a lot like the sound we had inbut with better gear with more variation. When did exactly the band reunite and how that did happen? We got back together inafter we were asked to do a reunion festival appearance at Hammer Open Air in support of the upcoming Completely Vulgar compilation album. So we did.

Can you tell about what happened with the band members since the band stopped the activities? R.I.P. - Abhorrence - Burial Of Evil happened. Kids, family, work, career, divorces to some. The same shit that happens to everyone. Which song from the EP would you name as your favorite? Charanga Para Ti - Afro Cuban Jazz Project - Descarga Uno there a song with which you had difficulties until you were completely satisfied with the result?

You know, that last touch…. The End is very intense and has aggressive menacing elements, but on the other hand it has a lot of vocal work and if I get too excited with it, I feel like fainting towards the end.

What kind of reactions did you receive when the band announced the return? Are you still in contact with bands you were in contact in the early 90s? Most reactions were cautiously positive and surprisingly many were super enthusiastic about it, few were overly negative as is the norm today.

But in the general sense, yes we are. Last year you released a live album, recorded at Tuska Open Air in How ADX - Non Serviam idea of this release album happened?

Was it a proposal from Svart Records? We organized a semi-secret pre-festival gig under the name Bob Horrence I still get a chuckle out of thatjust to see how we do on stage, in front of audience and to see if people are still interested. The Svart Records music connoisseur extraordinaire Mr. Pulkki saw it and asked if we were up to having the gig recorded on the spot. We said, OK!

Tell me from your point of view the most significant differences between the underground of the past with that of nowadays?

Is there anything you miss from the old days? Most significant? It was also so small and intimate that you had great relationships with almost all people involved. It was missing the clique mentality and it seemed most people were open to all kinds of extreme music. How do you see the current scene, the global scene and the scene in Finland?

I have no idea what the scene is like today, my fucking geriatric metal scene is the same as it ever was. The potential was already waning towards the end, due to each individual member getting into Check For Zero - Razor - Heed - Master Of Vortex variety of music and interest in extreme metal was not on the top.

When I think back, I only feel elation! It was so much fun, even after the band broke up, we kept on keeping on with great gigs and festivals and hanging out. Do you remember when and why did the band decide to change the old logo for the current one? Who designed both logos? First one was designed by Jussi. It was too frilly and fiddly really. When Luxi did our EP cover, and one of the old shirts as well, he designed the new one and we liked it a lot more.

What does the song Vulgar Necrolatry means for you? Do you have any special memory or anecdote connected to this song? Inspector Norse - Deetron - RA.312 last R.I.P. - Abhorrence - Burial Of Evil recorded by Amorphis. We liked it so much that we gave the same name to our first demo.

A lot of bands have covered this track, so it apparently means a lot to other people. As far as the different versions go, I think they all have their merits. There is actually yet another version of it fromby a Finnish band called Stench of Decay, which I also did guest vocals on on their second demo tape.

You can find a live version of it with their own vocalist on Youtube, which is pretty harsh and very fast. I listen to all kinds of music, so the styles of these are all over the place.

Peter Hayden and so forth. I could go on. How did you live the emergence of black metal bands? What was your opinion of bands like Beherit or Impaled Nazarene at the time? Back then I found the whole satanist movement the same as I found any religious nonsense, kind of silly.

I still do to some extent. Impaled Nazarene I saw play around and thought it was slightly interesting, but they were usually very drunk live. There were about 15 people, us included, one of who was Metalion R.I.P.

- Abhorrence - Burial Of Evil Slayer Mag. You also get very drunk, very pukey and the next day you have a disgusting hangover from it. Nothing planned really. Possibly few festivals sometime next year. Thanks you for your time, last words are yours Thanks for the interview! Everyone reading till the end; Support your favourite bands! Stay brutal! Publicado por Chris "Doomster" G. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.


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  4. Recording information: Recorded, mixed and mastered in March in Hostivar Studio Prague, Czech Rep.
  5. R.I.P. Random Band; User rankings; News archive; Reports; Contribute / To do Abhorrence discography (all) Burial of Evil () > Abhorrence Abhorrence. Type: EP Release date: Catalog ID: RD There are no reviews for Abhorrence yet. You can write one. Identifiers: Matrix / Runout (Side A): AO /A megalsaigenuadamath.infoinfo
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  8. Jelikož doba už od oficiálního data vydání "Burial Of Evil" trošku pokročila, nejedná se o žádnou horkou novinku, což však samozřejmě nikterak neubírá na hodnotách tohoto materiálu. První, co mě velmi příjemně překvapilo a navnadilo, je po všech stránkách vynikající, až krystalicky čistý zvuk.

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