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Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human

Oct 2, 2012 mp3 by Vikree

Label: Mighty Boy - MBLP7018 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: Australia • Genre: Rock • Style: Alternative Rock
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How often do we really get it? Validation, I mean. A boss can do it in the corporate world too, I guess. But after 35 years started around of writing and singing a championing in my own small way the belief in and power of the the independent music scene something like this takes on a whole new meaning. Coincidence becomes something other than coincidence. The rest just flowed and she said that she liked it, her parents Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human her up and that was almost the end of it.

It was an album called A Once And Future Thing, it was a return to the past, at least stylistically and emotionally. However, 60 seconds of the song were inserted into a U. Previously I only just lost out to a song being used guess in a campaign for Adidas.

I was beaten by The Kinks. Ok, if you are going to come second, second to the Kinks is not such a bad thing. So I kept on playing and kept on singing and writing because that is pretty much all I ever really wanted to do anyway. Years slid by and a few months ago I decided it was time to dust off the old releases, as the ownership of all my works and releases had long ago reverted back to me.

I figured it was time to draw some attention to them and try to make something happen. I was fooling a bout with the Movie Maker program and decided to make a youtube thing for Make It happen. No reason, I just thought due to the nature of the song it would be the most accessible. It took me a day and I posted it, and it went by seemingly unnoticed but something happened somewhere… The next day I got a call from my publisher saying there was interest in the song Make It happen for a commercial.

Of course it finally did. It is strange to think that the requests from 2 little girls, on 2 different sides of the world so many years apart could actually for me Make It Happen.

My good friends that helped me record it, I thank deeply and warmly from the very heart of my heart. I offer my profound gratitude. Of course I have to thank Yoplait for choosing to go down this path, I am most humbly appreciative.

You have enriched my life. You have blessed me with your belief. Here is the youtube link, should you be interested…. I was thinking about this as I drifted off last night and how it also works in the naming of songs and even albums. There is resonance in the naming as much as there is resonance in the very vibration of sound let alone music.

Now I am not saying this applies to all songs but with some songs the writer becomes especially attached to and they kind of lead to an almost prophetic glimpse into his destiny. Songs become attached to you by the public as well which also gives them the song a certain power. What got me thinking about this specifically was an album I wrote and recorded called All Too Human.

Instead of an amp I used a portable Rockman guitar processor very unlike me the drums were all electronic, though played manually and then dumped on to the one inch tape. Then I did all the guitar parts and demoed the bass lines I wanted. He then came back to my place and recorded his passes through a DI and that was that apart from some keys laid dow n y Herbie Mayhem. I need to backtrack… I had borrowed the Hunters and Collectors mobile 16 track recording unit for this project.

It was huge and completely filled the lounge room in the weatherboard cottage I lived in with my wife at the time Amanda. She was pregnant with our daughter Madelaine song I I Lick My Fingers Forever - Costes - The End Of The Trail to keep it as quiet and ironically unobtrusive as possible, Hence no amps and no live drum kits.

Doug was to take care of the drums and my vocals as co-engineer and I was to do the same with the guitars. We both were on hand for the bass and keys. So with all this automation and the personality quirks it developed, I thought it would be ironic to call it All Too Human. On completion Doug was obliged to o overseas on tour with the Hunters and Collectors and I got left holding the bag.

We pitched to the White At The Shop - Legend - Moonshine before he left and they turned it down.

Rather than sulk about it I enlisted Mike Duffy a good and close friend by then to help produce the album instead of waiting for Doug to get back. I had my usual budget of fuck all but manage to get enough to get 2 days in Sing Sing to mix the album.

Mike had something like 23 international gold records as a producer under his belt at that stage. Anyway, we blitzed the tracks and then once more went out into the world to shop it around. My dear friend and sometimes manager Nick Chance found a home for the album with an independent label called Mighty Boy.

Moira particularly loved it and contracts were exchanged and everything seemed to be going ahead nicely. A single — Count Yourself Tennessee Blues - Flaky Pastry - Ingredients was chosen to lead the charge but meanwhile other things were developing and unravelling.

I was having troubles with Nick and Brian DeCourcy was making overtures for management and another good friend of mine Simon Smith was in the picture somewhere. In a very condensed version this is what unravelled. Boris taught Paula all the bass lines he was a fantastic guitarist and Paula did Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human great job delivering them through an enormous W bin normally used for PAs.

Boris fleshed out and gave some extra flourish to my leads and I played guitar and sang as usual. Simon Smith I think was managing or booking the band by now and we were doing some fantastic shows. So we were gigging in Melbourne and the occasional Sydney show.

The single finally came out and was given high rotation on 2JJ! Music seemed not so important anymore. Dies Irae - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Kuijken Kwartet - Requiem Kv 626 (SACD, Album) Boy folded and went into liquidation. All the stock was ceased, store could not be serviced and my world imploded.

Chris was getting more and more obvious in his lust for said Paula. Though projected in jokes or innuendo it was becoming more and more Neglected - Various - Undead - A Tribute To Disrupt. Avarice, lust, anger and envy all too human traits were beginning to raise their ugly heads.

So the band was already imploding, at least from where I stood. Then everything started going wrong, our dog Mr bear died and anyone who loved a family pet knows how hard that can be.

My label was bust, the songs were no longer getting air play and the final most devastating blow was my wife leaving me. My world was in pieces and a black and oppressive depression settled over my life blanketing out just about everything but the love of my baby daughter and my son.

I lost everything and called an end to the band. I just knew everything was over. I could not see the point in carrying on… sound all too human? But I survived. I was approached by a band called Bigger Than Jesus, they needed a new front man and wanted me. The band and the music gave a chance to really vent and get a lot of shit out of my system.

I began to come back into myself again. Rejection, another All Too Human trait. I figured out who the anonymous texter was early in the rants, but hung on waiting for them to fess up. There is a piece of rock and roll history missing? Nobody and no-one has the right to tell ME what to do with it. Call it egotistical, call it selfish, call it whatever you want.

AND I will graciously and most humbly thank all those involved in making it happen. As it is I lost my only copies of the session and am now in the process of tracking down the masters.

If the anonymous texter wishes to hand over a copy of the live footage from the Palace claimed to be in his possession I will gladly put it up on youtube. But at the moment they are playing games. I get accused of historical neglect while they sit on archival footage!!!

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black another all too human trait Below are pics of Groody Frenzy the live line up Me and Boris, Paula and Chris… though not necessarily in that order. I wrote this song while my marriage was breaking down… you know, the old story…. Boy Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human girl, falls in love, get married… and then it all goes to shit.

It is a song about betrayal and the final goodbye, the Kiss off. The song was originally intended for Bigger Than Jesus but the band broke up before we got around to learning and recording it. Great people that thought of this, bandcamp I mean, I tip my hat to them…. Steve Lucas. I have finally given in to the digital age. I love the old vinyl and cassette days and I am still kind of fond of Cds but even I now own an android-notebook-phone- portable everything machine-thing.

Even I am converting my music into wave files and mp3s and getting on with it. Seems only natural oxymoron there that if I am recording in a digital format I may as well release in a digital format.

So my first official release in this new medium is an album called Change Poison, Make Medicine. I refer of course, to Cath Synnerdahl and Greg Ham. At first could not bring myself to release it, too many conflicting emotions and the idea of having to tell the story over and over during interviews etc just seemed Party Jumpin - R.

Kelly - Write Me Back be too overwhelming for me to take on. That and doing the obligatory launches and tours Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human did not appeal to Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human. I shelved the project. Now I am stronger and feel it selfish of myself to keep their talent and passion locked away in a safe or left in a box under my bed, so now I am giving the music a chance to live and breathe and keep their spirit alive.


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  1. Dec 01,  · All Too Human [as Steve Lucas and The Groody Frenzy], an Album by Steve Lucas. Released in /5(1).
  2. All Too Human, an album by Steve Lucas, The Groody Frenzy on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes.
  3. Steve Lucas. St Kilda, Australia. Steve Lucas has had a wide and varied career. Starting out in , Steve was one of the founding members of the seminal Australian punk bands X. X's bloodied history has been well known so we'll skip that here. Steve also fronted Bigger Than Jesus, Double Cross and The Groody Frenzy. All very successful in their own right.
  4. The Groody Frenzy, Category: Artist, Albums: All Too Human, Singles: Live at the ABC, Top Tracks: It All Comes Out in the End, Count Yourself Lucky, Let It Ride, Again & Again, Count Yourself Lucky - Extended, Monthly Listeners: 4, Where People Listen: Conowingo, Rifle, Eltham, Melbourne Count Yourself Lucky - Extended - Steve Lucas, 0.
  5. Jul 10,  · From the album All Too Human by Groody Frenzy. It's a rocker in the old fashioned kind of way. Recorded by Doug Falconer and Steve Lucas and .
  6. Rejection, another All Too Human trait. I figured out who the anonymous texter was early in the rants, but hung on waiting for them to fess up. “Groody Frenzy must not die with me? There is a piece of rock and roll history missing? The JJJ live to air needs to be released “so and so hates you etc,etc, etc.
  7. All Too Human (Groody Frenzy) A Once and Future Thing (Pubert Brown-Fridge Occurrence) Change Poison Make Medicine (solo) Eps: Blind Faith (A.R.M.) Cash In Hand (B.T.J.) Love On The Run (Strawberry Teardrop) Singles; So Much Better (Steve Lucas) Ever So Lovely. (Steve Lucas) Liniving & Loving In The USA (Steve Lucas) I Dont Wanna Go Out (X.
  8. Explore releases from Steve Lucas at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Steve Lucas at the Discogs Marketplace. Steve Lucas (3) & The Groody Frenzy: Steve Lucas (3) & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human (Album) 2 versions: Mighty Boy: Australia: Sell This Version: 2 versions.
  9. Jun 26,  · Fun at home with Movie Maker. Band; Groody Frenzy Doug Falconer, Steve Lucas, Anthony Ragg, Herbie Mayhem Live performance; Steve Lucas, Boris Falovic, Paula Sheldrake, Chris Gormly. From the.

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