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With Honor - Shadow Gallery - Digital Ghosts

Oct 2, 2012 mp3 by Dirr

Label: Inside Out Music - 8596-2 • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Prog Rock, Heavy Metal
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Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. I am not saying they are not fun because With Honor - Shadow Gallery - Digital Ghosts are. There are so many points of view that you learn a lot of stuff that you might pass by if you are not a trainer listener, know nothing about music theory or are not a good reader like I consider myself.

Even so, the music is so complex that many aspects can be forgotten or ignored without digging into these cheerful reviews. On the other hand, an astonishing band like Shadow Gallery, as of today, has not received that recognition that most progressive metal fans are fighting for.

Perhaps it is because they do not make video clips or have touring concerts but that does not make them less interesting or the music less than those of say Threshold, Vanden Plas, Dream Theater, Symphony X or any other band. I actually think that in many aspects they are far superior to the aforementioned. His wide range provided the exact feeling the band needed. Thus I had to buy the new album mostly out of curiosity.

Boy what Missa - Neil Diamond - Tap Root Manuscript I missing! I was so stupid to delay buying this magnificent album. He has a more hard rock edge and he can actually scream With Honor - Shadow Gallery - Digital Ghosts high.

The texture in his voice is more varied and he can provide an emotional vibe worthy of recognition especially considering that the songs are a lot heavier than what we have heard from the band in the past. I am not saying he is Bruce Dickinson or Rob Halford but his screams are Gotthard-alike: powerful yet very emotive.

The second aspect to be mentioned and for a ten times augmented pleasure for me is the fact they had given a lot more punch to the rhythm guitars.

This provides a heavy crunch to the songs. By no means has the keyboard been diminished but they have now enhanced the sound with a tougher edge by augmenting the emphasis on the rhythm guitars.

This is what I have been appointed in my reviews for this amazing band so they have finally heard my cry. Third: the progressive atmosphere while still present is not as lengthy as it is used to be.

The longest song is With Honor which marks 10min. There are 4 tracks which run less than 7min. The riff and melodies are very similar to the opener from that album. The song Morse Code - The Intruders - Morse Code / Camptown Rock definitely heavier and once the melodic guitar fills come in you know you are into With Honor - Shadow Gallery - Digital Ghosts Shadow Gallery album.

Some piano solos have been added providing a more classical sound. In this case the vocals are done in a more raspy tone and being the riff more prominent the songs sounds heavier.

It starts as a ballad and it is basically really slow but the riff in the rhythm sections is heavier. In this case what I believe is the standout is the vocal melody. Amazing chorus and background vocals are as well worthy of mentioning plus the guitar solos which are very melodic yet exquisite in every sense. Yes my fellow metal heads, With Honor - Shadow Gallery - Digital Ghosts lyrics are clearly romantic and I am actually thinking Peace The F**k Out - Travis - At The Palace - Live At Alexandra Palace (DVD) dedicate it to my girlfriend.

By no means is this a ballad except for some parts on the verses which are really slow in typical Shadow Gallery fashion but on the contrary, it is the heaviest song in the album with some double bass and up tempo riff, very much ala Metallica back in Master of Puppets but of course with lots of keyboards added. By the way I am pushing the comparison to the edge ok? It is not progressive per se because the main I Put A Spell On You - Them - Again goes along the entire song very regular without abrupt tempo changes or With Honor - Shadow Gallery - Digital Ghosts odd time signatures except at mark min.

Again, the vocal melodies are the standout here plus the obvious keyboards added to enhance the melodic sound. What a way to sing and what a song my fellow reviewers.

Next we have the title track and this is quite an easily digestible keyboard driven song. The melodic-acoustic interludes are so peaceful that it is impossible to be moved by them. The song is particularly not virtuoso kind as we have heard before. This time, in the end I believe they focused more on the melodic and riff-going along of the songs than virtuosity and epic vibe of previous recordings.

Perhaps this is intended due to the success of Tiranny back in the day. Now when I say it has lots of acoustic passages I mean that at the very beginning and at mark 4 we have an acoustic interlude very reminiscent of Celtic Princess. By mark 6 we get a basically jazzy interlude which will please a lot of fans who are looking to hear different things on your progressive metal.

The jazz rhythm section goes to the end of the song except for some metal soloing that closes the song. This is not as powerful as maybe the title track, especially to close the album by even so it is a great song mainly because of the emotional vibe due to the vocals, excellent background vocals and ultra melodic yet haunting pun intended guitar soloing.

My friends, if you are into progressive metal you must own almost the entire catalogue of this superb band. How can you not? They are amazing musicians and they know how to produce good albums. Even thou their first vocalist is gone Brian did quite a job and if they follow this path heavier approach then I have to prepare for the next assault. This is a must for prog.

Enough said, they just delivered the goods once more. Metal Archives loading Username Password Login. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R.

Privacy Policy. Buy from Digital Ghosts Shadow Gallery. Write your own review. KalelfromkryptonMarch 30th,


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  1. Shadow Gallery explores and pushes the boundaries of the progressive on “With Honor”, “Digital Ghosts” and “Haunted”, three nine minute “epics” characterized by their technical intricacies and sweeping instrumental excursions. Digital Ghosts also introduces a heavier element to the group’s sound. Credit the guitar team of Brendt Allman and Gary Wehrkamp for the manner in which they .
  2. Jun 07,  · With Digital Ghosts, Shadow Gallery's members Brendt Allman, Carl Cadden-James, Gary Wehrkamp and new addition Brian Ashland have focused their powerful energies on creating a seamless blend of Progressive, Metal, and symphonic Rock. A transcendent work of musical art, Digital Ghosts advances the boundaries of these genres into new directions/5(17).
  3. Digital Ghosts Shadow Gallery. Write your own review. With honor they come stronger! - % Kalelfromkrypton, an astonishing band like Shadow Gallery, as of today, has not received that recognition that most progressive metal fans are fighting for. ‘With honor’ to start is a good chop to open the album and it immediately sounds very.
  4. Jun 07,  · Digital Ghosts is an excellent record. While I miss Mike Baker, his replacement is quite capable. Shadow Gallery have improved their production skills, and this is the best-sounding of all their records. They have also improved their songwriting, and they are doing some things with vocal harmonies that they have never done before/5(18).

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