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Pretty Good Privacy - obO - Slide Burn

Oct 2, 2012 zip by Kagagar

Label: Tush - THLP002 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: UK • Genre: Electronic • Style: Abstract, Trip Hop, Dub
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Philip Zimmermann, the creator of Pretty Good Privacy PGP encryption software, has issued a statement aimed at clarifying his attitude towards encryption in the aftermath of the September Pretty Good Privacy - obO - Slide Burn terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. This misrepresentation is serious, because it implies that under the duress of terrorism I have changed my principles on the importance of cryptography for protecting privacy and civil liberties in the information age.

Zimmermann says that due to the political sensitivity of the issue, he had the reporter read most of the article back to him by phone, before she submitted it for publication. The article that appeared in the Post was significantly shorter than the original, and had the above-mentioned crucial change in wording. I can only speculate that her editors must have taken some inappropriate liberties in abbreviating my feelings to such an inaccurate soundbite.

Given the seriousness of the distortion that had appeared, this reporter contacted Cha to ask if the Post would be issuing a retraction of the article. That was not my intention and I apologise for any misunderstanding. Zimmermann about this story several times since it ran—in fact the day after the story was in the paper he called me to thank me for it and tell me how much he liked it. He did not mention any possible problem until this weekend when he reached me at home.

The September 21 Post article was published amidst a concerted campaign by the Bush administration and a compliant media to channel public opinion behind support for anti-democratic measures. Under these conditions, it is hardly accidental that an interview commissioned with Zimmermann is slanted to paint a picture of the man responsible for the development of encryption consumed with grief and regret in the aftermath of the terrorist attack.

Such an article fits in with the tenor of official propaganda insisting that so horrific is the tragedy, only the most insensitive would object to a necessary curtailing of civil liberties.

Of course I did. But the outcome of this re-examination was the same as it was during the years of public debate, Two Friends - The George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band - Blues N Dues Et Cetera strong cryptography does more good for a democratic society than harm, even if it can be used by terrorists.

Read my lips: I have no regrets about developing PGP. Rather than the response to a terrorist outrage, the present moves to curb encryption and for closer monitoring of Internet use is the outcome of a long held desire by the security services to be able to monitor the movements and correspondence of every individual. Writing in the Online section of the Guardian newspaper in Britain, Duncan Campbell exposes the claim that encryption played a key role in regard to the terror attacks in the US.

The messages, in both English and Arabic, were sent within Pretty Good Privacy - obO - Slide Burn US and internationally According to the FBI, the conspirators had not Pretty Good Privacy - obO - Slide Burn encryption or concealment methods. Once found, the emails could be openly read. For the real reason for the calls for increased surveillance and a ban on encryption, one must look back to the period immediately prior to the terrorist attack when tens of thousands of people were protesting against the injustices of global capital in Seattle, Melbourne, Quebec and Genoa.

It was then that media commentators and The Happiest Kind Of Feeling - Janice Kapp Perry - The Church of Jesus Christ And 17 Other New Songs spokesmen began talking about the role of the Internet in allowing people to organise on a global scale and demanded an effective means of preventing the free association of millions of people desirous of social and political change.

We must expand our work and our influence in the international working class. If you agree, donate today. Thank you. World Socialist Web Site wsws. Contribute to the fight for socialism in has been a year of mass social upheaval. Get Involved! Free Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning! Socialism and the centenary of the Russian Revolution: All lectures from the series.


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  1. Jan 07,  · If privacy is outlawed, only outlaws will have privacy. Intelligence agencies have access to good cryptographic technology. So do the big arms and drug traffickers. So do defense contractors, oil companies, and other corporate giants.
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  4. Definition of Pretty Good Privacy in the megalsaigenuadamath.infoinfo dictionary. Meaning of Pretty Good Privacy. What does Pretty Good Privacy mean? Information and translations.
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