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When Tires Collapse - Ben Martin - The Tiny Bits And Pieces

Oct 2, 2012 zip by Jukasa

Label: Wohnzimmer - WOHN011 • Format: CD Album • Country: Austria • Genre: Rock • Style: Folk Rock, Indie Rock
Download When Tires Collapse - Ben Martin  - The Tiny Bits And Pieces

A few months back I was behind a car that stopped too short in front of Rigor Mortez - Blue Mitchell - The Complete Blue Note Blue Mitchell Sessions (1963-67) and I was forced to swerve to the side of the road to prevent an accident; good call, right?

Well, one tire blew out and the other scraped against the curb. The blow-out was replaced immediately that afternoon, but I left the scraped one as is. There is a small flap of rubber that has hung off the tire since the incident. The flap is midway between those two black circles. If that blowout occurs at high speed which is when they usually occurit will likely cause you to lose control of the vehicle and have a serious accident.

The kids at Jiffy Lube barely know how to do what they are supposed to do, namely change fluids, without damaging your engine, or transmission, or differential, or cooling system, or brake hydraulic system. They are NOT mechanics and are not capable of diagnosing anything. If they sold tires, they might glance at your tires and try to make money from selling you new rubber, but since they do not sell tires, they have ZERO interest in your tires. On this site, we get posts regularly from people whose cars have suffered major mechanical damage from being serviced at Jiffy Lube or its clones.

For the sake of your vehicle overall, I urge you to start taking your Toyota to an independent mechanic, where there are people with actual mechanical expertise. You have been unusually lucky with When Tires Collapse - Ben Martin - The Tiny Bits And Pieces damaged tire for a few months, but your luck will run out. Please have it replaced today before you kill yourself or other people. A car should be able to stop as short as the car is able to stop.

The reason I refuse to refer to this mishap as an accident is that accidents are random events that happen to us. Your decision to follow another car too closely was not accidental in any way. They only check items they can sell you. But if you have ANY doubt as to cord damage, replace the tire…. If he follows this very questionable advice, he is potentially endangering the lives of others over the paltry price of a new tire.

If Caddyman is wrong, people could die. Caddyman— Would YOU want to be anywhere near this vehicle when that tire inevitably blows out at high speed? If the cords have not been exposed or damaged, the tires structural integrity has not been compromised…The damage is cosmetic. If the cord structure is visible, the tire is scrap. Replace the tire and follow the 3 second rule. If you allow 3 seconds between you and the car ahead of you, it is almost always enough room to stop.

Even better is 5 car lengths on the freeway. It is interesting how smooth and fast traffic can A Shadow Of A Dream - Various - Untitled without the catepiller effect if space is allowed between each car. Otherwise its speed up, slow down, speed up, slow down. If you think you have problems now…. Any sidewall damage means a junk tire. Even a small crack in the sidewall has the potential of instantly becoming a large gash followed a second later by a blow out.

I would not agree. That rubber is not there for looks. In part it provides protection from hitting curbs, it also contributes to the overall strength of the sidewall. I would also suggest that while When Tires Collapse - Ben Martin - The Tiny Bits And Pieces may not see the cords, they may have been damaged.

Tyres are not so expensive that it is worth cheaping out. In addition there is the question of mismatched tyres. It is important to have tyres closely matched from side to side and it is important to have the best two tyres on the back wheels to give the best emergency handling when you need it most. Small is a half inch by a quarter of an inch and maybe a sixteenth of an inch thick. That is to say — if you have to use it, drive slowly, carefully, and not too far.

It appears to be reliable enough for that sort of usage. There is nothing like a flat spare tire to cap an already rotten day. Truenappa; yes you need to replace this tire right away. If you needed some kind of fluid, they would have sold that to you! You have apparently not returned to this thread, but When Tires Collapse - Ben Martin - The Tiny Bits And Pieces you do, I hope you will take note of the vote at this point.

Ten of us have stated emphatically that you need to replace this tire immediately. Just because you have foolishly driven on this tire for a few months does not mean that it is safe. Just as it is possible for someone to play Russian Roulette without immediately blowing his brains out does not mean that putting a loaded gun to your head, spinning the cylinder, and pulling the trigger is a safe thing to do.

Tire - small flap of rubber danger? Truenappa July 4,O Ébrio - Nico Nicolaiewsky & Hique Gomez - Tangos & Tragédias 1. VDCdriver July 5,pm 2. Whitey July 5,pm 4. You need to replace this tire ASAP. Caddyman July 5,pm 6. VDCdriver July 5,pm 7. Caddyman July 5,pm 9. Bing July 5,pm We see far too many problems created by them.

They all have the same problem. Their business models all mean having cheap labor usually under trained not allowing the staff enough time to do the job right, pushing products and services that have high profit and little or no customer Matthew E. White - Feeling Good Is Good Enough. In the long run it will be cheaper to use a real shop.

TwinTurbo July 5,pm Congratualtion son having avoided the first accident. You are now taunting Lady Luck, asking for a second chance to get into an accident.

Change the tire. A new tire is far cheaper than an accident. And far safer. Docnick July 5,pm As others point out, this is a critical issue, and may cause a serious accident anythime. VDCdriver July 5,pm Truenappa You have apparently not returned to this thread, but if you do, I hope you will take note of the vote at this point.


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  1. ELI5: Why do tires have little rubber hairs on the outer surface? Does this serve a functional purpose or is it a merely a result of the manufacturing process? why don't they shave these pieces off the finished tire and recycle the rubber? I presume it has to do with the cost of shaving a tire exceeding the benefit gained from the saved.
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  3. Scrap nylon tires are cut into small pieces, and the remaining scrap skeletons are baled. Some whole nylon tires that are totally scrap and structurally damaged are also included the bales. The bales have cut tire pieces, long shaved strips of wire .
  4. Jun 30,  · Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS When Tires Collapse · Ben Martin The Tiny Bits and Pieces ℗ Wohnzimmer Records Released on: Music Publisher: Co.
  5. Listen to The Tiny Bits And Pieces by Ben Martin on Deezer. With music streaming on Deezer you can discover more than 56 million tracks, create your own playlists, and share your favourite tracks with your friends.
  6. Tire - small flap of rubber danger? Maintenance/Repairs. toyota. maintenance. tires. matrix. Truenappa. If they sold tires, they might glance at your tires and try to make money from selling you new rubber, but since they do not sell tires, they have ZERO interest in your tires.

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